Heroes of the Storm reveals the original character of Qhira


The newest character in Heroes of the Storm is another original Nexus. Meet the Qhira mercenaries, a refugee from a kingdom destroyed by civil war.

Over the years, Heroes of the Storm has united Blizzard's largest franchise under one big MOBA umbrella. But in the past year, the development team took a different approach. In addition to the most memorable characters in World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch, Blizzard has begun adding new and truly original characters to Heroes of the Storm. On Monday, the publisher revealed the latest.


Meet Qhira He comes from the kingdom of Iresia, a technological paradise located in the middle of the Nexus. So why has no one heard of him until now? That is because Iresia no longer exists. Iresia was destroyed during a massive civil war after her uniqueness was destroyed, causing the total destruction of the world. Qhira was the only survivor and tried to leave the tragedy behind by becoming a terrifying bounty hunter. While using her abilities to fight for those who paid for her services, Qhira kept the memory of Iresia fresh and continued her search for all possible survivors.

Qhira is a melee assassin who carries the so-called trait Iron tongs. Operated with the (D) button, Grappling Hook may sound similar to something used by other characters like Stitches. However, Qhira stands out because it can crawl from one place to another, sticking to pieces of the field and opposing players. If it is attributed to other players, it will attract them and not the other way around, which generally happens with similar hooks. Grappling Hook will deal 36 damage on contact, with Qhira dealing 112 additional damage during collisions, and it will take a cooldown of 25 seconds.

Heroes of the Storm - Qhira

Here are other Qhira capabilities:

  • (Q) Massacre: Qhira attacks with the sword in the direction of the target, dealing 31 continuous damage to enemies. (Cost: 40 Mana; Cooldown: 6 seconds)
  • (W) Blood wrath: As a passive attack, basic attack and skill will make an enemy bleed for 46 damage over four seconds. This can accumulate up to five times. As an asset, Qhira will only deal 33 damage and heal 88 health for each affected enemy hero. (Cost: 35 mana; Cooldown: 8 seconds)
  • (E) Rolling broom: Qhira attaches her sword to the first enemy hit by the hero and stuns him for 025 seconds. Qhira will avoid the basic attack and be immune to all effects. It will rotate around its target for as long as necessary. 2.75 seconds, dealing 109 damage to the enemy between him and the target. Reactivating this ability sends Qhira to its target, knocking it down, dealing 112 damage. Targets will also be stunned for 0.75 seconds. Rolling Sweep can be used in conjunction with Qhira Hook Grappling. (Cost: 70 Mana; Cooldown 16 seconds)
  • (R1) Attacks endlesslyQhira will deal 46 damage to all enemies around each 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds, as your sword extends outward. When that time ends, it will deal 86 damage to all nearby enemy heroes and stun for 0.75 seconds. (Cost: 60 Mana; Cooldown: 75 seconds)
  • (R2) Final blow: Focus on one area here. Qhira will focus for a second, then hit her sword in a line and deal damage to all enemies on her way. This total will increase by 25 percent if the enemy is below 50 percent health. (Cost: 45 mana; Cooldown: 40 seconds)

Although Blizzard appears to be further from the original character, the development team notes that this will be the last of the original characters for a time. For upcoming characters, the team will be refocusing on the basics of Blizzard's extensive game library, so start speculating on who's next.

Qhira is now available in Heroes of the Storm PTR. Look for it to get to a standard PC server in the near future.

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