Hey THPS2 fans, it's time to get back to the magic of the 90s. Session on the new trailer looks breathtaking

by Kelvin
Hey THPS2 fans, it's time to get back to the magic of the 90s. Session on the new trailer looks breathtaking

Because it was said then, right? In breath I ask. Git. The school bustle of the 90s (deriving terrifyingly a lot from prison flu) was magical in its own way. Just like the games released at that time, with classics like THPS2 at the forefront. Then years of drought came, and board games ceased to appear. This is finally changing, thanks to Session.

Of course, it is not entirely so that over the last few years no new skateboarding game has been released. In most cases, however, these were low to medium mobile games, downloadable to a tablet or smartphone. The last full-scale 3D production that comes to my mind is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. The problem is that I would prefer not to remember THPS5 at all. He's a strong representative on my list of the worst games of all time.


The last bearable skateboarding game that comes to my mind was Skate 3.

Skate 3 debuted in 2010. Interestingly, exactly the same year Shaun White Skateboarding appeared on store shelves. This is called a harvest disaster. Unfortunately, since then almost every game publisher has come to the conclusion that board titles are not worth doing. Partly, it's hard to be surprised. In the world, the board fever has already passed, and skateparks are increasingly dominated by people on bicycles.

In practice, the only solid, worthy of money players defender of digital skateboard is the OlliOlli series in recent years. To make it more fun, these are modest (but playable) 2D games from an independent producer. In such circumstances, it should not be surprising that dinosaurs like me felt a growing hunger for boards. I have been following a new Skate or THPS for years. But so good. Made with passion. With heart. With the magic of the 90s. My wish can finally come true.

Session looks really good. Especially considering it's a Kickstarter project.

A new trailer for the game has hit the network. On it we can see that the creators feel the atmosphere of a golden skateboarding decade. Indeed, they will bring us closer to this decade. It so happens that Session will be a sentimental trip to New York in the 90s. Without smartphones. Without Instagram. No training in Endomondo. I'm in it. I don't even think.

The Session distinguishing feature is the control method. Instead of the ala THPS model, the creators of the small Crea-ture Studios put the matter on their heads. Here, each of the two analogs falls is responsible for a separate skater leg. According to the developers, such a system is to give the player full control over the board. Initially, it can be difficult, but after a period of adaptation, sweepers will create real wonders in the air. We partly did it at Skate.

Session finally got an early access date. We will start the game in September this year.

This is great news, especially for those who have slowly stopped believing in the Kickstarter project. We heard about Session for the first time in 2017. If everything goes according to plan, the production process will end at the beginning of 2020. Then the full and complete version of the game will debut on PC and consoles. In the meantime, an early version of the program will also appear on Xbox One consoles.

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