Hideo Kojima already thinks about his next project after Death Stranding

by Kelvin
Hideo Kojima already thinks about his next project after Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima currently works in Death stranding, title that will be released in early November. The creative and his team of Kojima Productions are very busy, as they prepare various events to promote the game before its launch.

The developer confirmed in his account Twitter who are polishing the game and preparing everything for Tokyo Game Show 2019. In case you don't remember, Death stranding It will be part of 3 presentations at the important Japanese event. Thanks to this we can see a little more gameplay.


However, what most caught the attention of Kojima's message was the mention of a new project. The creative confirmed that after all the events and preparations for the premiere of Death stranding, will start working on something new.

"Polishing the game while things are being prepared for TGS and the advertising campaign after that, as well as for the next project," says part of Kojima's message.

The above took by surprise more than one fan of the creative, as there are still a few months left to launch Death stranding. Of course, for now there is no detail about the next Kojima project.

The developer previously confirmed that he is preparing something related to streaming and the game in the cloud. The head of Kojima Productions believes that streaming platforms will become popular and will allow to develop games never seen before. For now, we cannot confirm that these statements are related to your next game.

In other news, Death stranding It will have a difficulty mode for the less experienced. On the other hand, Keanu Reeves visited Kojima Productions, so players do not completely rule out their possible appearance in the title.

Death stranding will debut on November 8 for PlayStation 4. Visit this page to read all the news related to it.


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