Hisense, TP-Link and Acer, the least reliable mobile phones in Spain

by Kelvin
móviles menos fiables


We have more and more mobile manufacturers in the market, those that were once the most successful are now dying and new brands appear capable of captivating people. But today we talk about those that generate the opposite effect, the less reliable mobiles in Spain, according to the OCU, those of Hisense, TP-Link and Acer.


On the other side, the positive, we have these phones, which we expect more for the remainder of 2019, some of them being the most valued brands in this satisfaction survey.

These are the least reliable mobiles in Spain

The OCU has conducted its traditional satisfaction survey, with which it usually presses the market status of different types of devices, although logically we look at the survey of 67,700 consumers in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain about their satisfaction when buying a smartphone. And as you can see in the table published by the organization, The worst rated phones are Hisense, TP-Link and Acer. Three brands that have the worst possible combination of satisfaction and reliability, which has given them that last place in the table.

less reliable mobiles

Source: OCU

On the opposite end, We have OnePlus, Leeco and Xiaomi as the brands that offer the most satisfaction and reliability to the users. And these are the two main values ​​that are measured in this satisfaction survey. Two data that normally go hand in hand, although there are certain exceptions that confirm the rule. It must be said that the main manufacturers of the market have a five-star reliability, the differences lie in the satisfaction of the users with these devices, which is what has been determining the position between the different manufacturers in the positions above.

less reliable mobiles

Source: OCU

Regarding breakdowns which mobile users normally face most, it will surely sound like you, are the batteries and touch screens. Two elements that, due to their high exposure and intensity, are logical to be at the top of the list. These are followed by problems with the battery charger, the physical buttons of the mobile, the camera or the GPS. In any case, what is clear with this OCU satisfaction survey are the brands that we should avoid if we want to have a mobile guarantee. Today, with leading brand mobile phones at very low prices, it makes no sense to play it with a certain type of mobile, but it still happens. From your personal experience, what do you think, does this survey show reality?

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