History and Characteristics of Second Generation Computers You Need to Know

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Computers undergo various regenerations since it was first discovered. Continually conducted various studies to be able to develop computer devices with maximum specifications. So that this can be used for various needs and other activities related to computers.

Since it was first discovered until now, computers have various generations. Each generation has its own uniqueness and characteristics.

This also happened on the second generation of computers. This computer has a variety of unique and distinctive characteristics with other generation computers. Here is a detailed explanation of the second generation computer that you must see:

Inventor and Brief History

Inventor of the Second Generation of Computers

After the supercomputer or First Generation Computer was created. IBM began to create a new computer called Stretch, and a scientist named Sprery Rand also tried to create a new computer called LARC. These computers were then called the Second Generation Computers.

Initially, the discovery of the second generation of computers began with the discovery of the transistor in 1948. What is the importance of the transistor? This transistor is used as a substitute for vacuum in electronic equipment installed in the computer, so that by using transistors, the size of the computer will be smaller than the first generation of computers.

The Characteristics of Second Generation Computers

With the second generation of computers, the development of the world of computer technology continues to progress and produce various interesting and latest innovations. This second generation computer has unique features that may be different from the first generation computers.

Where, mostly in the current era, knowledge of previous computers or second generation computers is rarely discussed and read by most people.

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Because at this time many new computer technologies that have emerged are more sophisticated. However, knowledge related to second generation computers is also very important to learn in order to increase knowledge. For more details, here are some of the characteristics of second generation computers:

1. The main memory capacity is quite large

The Characteristics of Second Generation Computers

The renewal of this second generation computer is seen in the main memory capacity used. The main memory capacity used on the second generation computer is quite large and larger than the memory on the first generation computer. So that data storage on second generation computers is more than previous generation computers.

2. Use of transistors to replace vacuum tubes

This second update is one of the characteristics of the second generation of computers. Why? Because in 1948 the transistor was invented and developed to be able to replace the vacuum tubes installed on the computer. So with the help of this transistor the size of the computer will no longer be as big as the first generation of computers. Because a vacuum tube that is so large has been replaced by using a transistor.

3. Using magnetic tape and magnetic disk in the form of removable disk

magnetic tape and magnetic disk

The change of magnetic tape and magnetic disk which has been shaped into a removable disk has become one of the new breakthroughs. Because thus, the use of magnetic tape and magnetid disks can be used and installed as needed.

This is because the shape changes to a removable disk, which means it is easy to remove and easy to replace if needed. This will benefit the user, because it will not be too complicated with magnetic tape and magnetic disks installed directly on second generation computer devices.

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4. Have the ability to process real-time and time sharing

Innovation that continues to be developed is the process of data and information generated. On this second generation computer, the process of data and information can be done in real-time. So the data and information obtained is the most up-to-date data and information.

The use of data and information will be more accurate by using this second generation computer. In addition, the time sharing process is also very profitable, because data and information can be linked or communicated freely and easily.

Various information and data become faster and as expected. Because the second generation of computers already have technology that can do the process in real-time and time sharing.

5. The operation process is faster

The operation process is faster

The speed of the operating process is also highly considered after the development of the first generation of computers. Various things that are less satisfying will continue to be developed so that it can produce better devices than before. One of them is the development of faster operating processes on second generation computers.

This is expected to accelerate the process of data retrieval and application usage in accordance with user requirements. The existence of a faster operating process can increase user productivity in doing work so that it is better.

6. Its orientation on business and technical applications

This second generation computer was already known by various groups of society at that time. So starting from universities, industry, and even the government is familiar with this type of second generation computers. So the orientation or focus set by this second generation computer is on business and engineering applications. This is because the two types of applications are widely used by users.

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Because more and more industries need computers to support their business processes. This second generation type of computer has also been developed using a programming language that is more easily understood by humans, compared to using machine code that is so complicated.

The existence of information about the inventor and characteristics of this second generation computer, will add insight and new knowledge about the world of computing.

Information and knowledge related to computers and technology is needed to be able to add insight and knowledge into deeper and understand various technological matters. So that the existence of second generation computer information is very beneficial to various parties, especially readers who can get new information. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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