Honor GamePad – game controller with battery for smartphones

by Kelvin

Huawei showed at Gamescom 2019 an interesting device under the Honor brand, which performs two important functions for mobile game lovers – convenient operation and additional battery life.


The Honor GamePad has a built-in 400 mAh battery. The joystick has USB Type-C and Bluetooth interfaces. The first allows you to charge your smartphone from the battery built into the Honor GamePad, while the second is needed for the buttons to work. If necessary, the controller can also consume power from the smartphone itself.

Honor GamePad

There are six buttons on the gamepad – a joystick, four “D-pad” and a bumper button. The layout of the buttons is regulated directly in games (if the game settings allow this).

Regarding the compatibility of the Honor GamePad with smartphone models, Huawei did not give any information. Exactly the same as the release date of the controller – it is only known that the device will be released in 2019.

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