Honor Magicbook Notebook 14-inch and 15-inch with APD APD: Coming Worldwide

by Kelvin

Last November, Huawei subsidiary launched a new line of notebooks in China. The Magicbook line is comprised of several models built on Intel, AMD, and offers a variety of memory and capacity variants, as well as options in operating systems. For markets around the world, the honor has made it easy to select for the right fit, and is poised to offer the AMD Ryzen 5 system worldwide for as little as £ 650 (estimated).

These are all new pieces of honor 1 + 8 + Strategy N, where the company identified its main smartphone product as 'one' of the 8 target markets (such as tablets, notebooks, wearables) that complemented the smartphone, and later 'N' for all kinds of IoT devices that can be connected or operated through 1 + 8 families.

Two models that respect the global market are the 14-inch Magicbook and the 15-inch Magicbook. What makes the device unique is its target market and style. On the style front, we have two colors (Space Gray and Mystic Silver), but the chamfered edges around the device are special. This is Azure Blue chamfer, developed through diamond cuts. The blue style matches the HONOR offcenter logo.


Honor Magicbook Notebook 14-inch and 15-inch with APD APD: Coming Worldwide 1

The target market is also special, chasing a generation of Gen X's who want good performance at a fraction of the price in style. To that end, the 14-inch Magicbook and the 15-inch Magicbook are built on the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U APU, offering four Zen + core and eight Radeon Vega 8 GB DDR4 computing units and 256/512 GB PCIe SSD configurations. Interestingly enough, the SSD in the demo unit we played had Samsung NVMe drivers.

Honor Magicbook Notebook 14-inch and 15-inch with APD APD: Coming Worldwide 2

The display on both units is a 1080p LCD display, with a 4.8-5.3mm bezel around the edges. The resolution may seem low, but comes with an affordable pricing strategy, but the company also demands some excellent battery numbers – up to 10 hours of office productivity, 9.4 hours of web browsing, and 9.5 video hours, all built with 56 Wh battery. The battery supports 65W Type-C fast charging, giving 48-53% charge in just 30 minutes. This number looks great for a 14-15-inch Ryzen 3000 series laptop.

Honor specifically addressed the weight of the notebook, saying that its customer base wanted a lightweight design but that there was a need to balance materials with cost. For this, the device is 15.9-16.9mm at the thickest point, weighing 1.38 kg for the 14-inch model, and 1.53 kg for the 15-inch model. Both models avoid display cams in favor of the function key pop-up webcam (similar to the one seen in Huawei notebooks), and both have power buttons based on fingerprint sensors. Noteworthy is the flat-screen mode, with the Magicbook offering a 178-degree horizontal mode, allowing for easy viewing even in obscure angles.

Honor Magicbook Notebook 14-inch and 15-inch with APD APD: Coming Worldwide 3Honor Magicbook Notebook 14-inch and 15-inch with APD APD: Coming Worldwide 4

China has more Magicbook models available, including the Ryzen 7 units, and Intel units. The markets there are well-known, while markets around the world are slower launches, so fewer models are available. To that end, there is the question of why the honor of releasing the Ryzen 3000U series notebook, when AMD just announced the 4000U series. The impression of honor is actually quite good and takes two angles: first, the product category is still new to them, so it takes time; The second answer is that they did not expect to see the Ryzen 4000U notebook at this price point in the global market until the end of the year, so they thought there was plenty of room for this new Ryzen 3000 model. Honor does have the next generation of works, but the company will not comment on the hardware that will be used for the model.

A relatively newcomer to the notebook market, the honor is a brand that promotes itself to the younger generation – consumers who may not be able to buy the best in the market, but still want great stylish devices that meet the market's needs. To date, honors are one of the most successful brands online for smartphones, with a strong user base in China now expanding worldwide. We review a number of Honor's major smartphone devices, including Honor 20 Pro, View 20, Honor 8X, Honor 8, and Honor Play, and the same design ID is coming to the notebook market.

Honor Magicbook Notebook 14-inch and 15-inch with APD APD: Coming Worldwide 5

The laptop was originally intended to be launched at Mobile World Congress, a major trade fair in Barcelona, ​​but the trade show was canceled due to concerns over Coronavirus. Honor noted that the virus had affected its ability to make the unit go live, with its subsidiary factories lacking sufficient energy. Having only a few models for markets around the world, hoping to increase production (when that happens) should be a simple matter. There will be a staged rollout depending on how much Honor is generated, and Honor will provide that information when available.