Honor PocketVision, an app with AI for people with visual impairments

by Kelvin

Honor is also present at IFA 2019 and has just presented an innovative application. Is about Honor PocketVision, a mobile app that includes artificial intelligence and created for people with some type of visual impairment.

Millions of people around the world have to live with a visual disability of any grade, they have to face different obstacles, although apps like Honor PocketVision come to make life easier for all those people.


And is that the application just launched Honor takes advantage of artificial intelligence and the 4-lens camera offered by the new Honor 20 and 20 Pro, so those who have one of these two phones, can use that app.

Image - Honor PocketVision, an app with AI for people with visual impairments

3 reading modes

PocketVision offers a total of 3 reading modes to users that will make use of this app in order to improve the reading, we detail them below so that you know them:

  1. Text to speech mode: Here comes into play the OCR or optical character recognition, because with this PocketVision mode, what is allowed is that an image can be easily and quickly converted to text so that the user can read it better.

Also, this mode includes a narrative mode, which allows you to listen to that person with visual impairment of any degree, reading a document, novel, books and any text you want.

  1. Zoom-In mode: as its own word indicates, this mode allows you to use the quad camera of the Honor 20 or 20 Pro, specifically the 48 megapixel lens and the 8 megapixel telephoto lens, to enlarge the text from the volume buttons and thus facilitate reading.
  2. Negative Image Mode: The last of the PocketVision modes is the negative image, which changes the text by applying a series of color filters so that there is more contrast, so it is the most suitable for people with vision problems of different colors.

Honor PocketVision becomes a substitute for magnifiers and typescopes that currently a user with visual impairment could have at home, so they could part with these accessories since their Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro and such app would not need anything else.

When can you download Honor PocketVision and use? Well, of course, this app that takes advantage of the artificial intelligence of the Honor 20 and facilitates reading for people with visual disabilities, it is available for free in AppGallery in the Spanish language.