Honor Smart Screen reportedly has a camera

by Kelvin

Honor enters the television market, but doesn’t want you to call it a TV, but a smart screen, because this display is much more than just watching your favorite shows.


Last week, the Huawei sub-brand briefed the media on which it revealed some details about the smart screen. Zhao Ming, president of the company, said at the event that Honor Smart Screen is the “future of television,” and it will perform many functions, including providing entertainment, working as an information center, control center, etc.

Today there is new information about the Honor Smart Screen. A local Chinese media report said that trusted sources told them that there would be a camera in the Honor Smart Screen.

This is not surprising, since the device will perform several functions, including serving as a communication node. The camera, of course, is useful for video calls, but may have other tricks.

We can't wait to see what the Honor smart screen can do. The release date is not yet known, but the head of Honor India said that she will appear in India soon (of course, after her debut in China).

Are you ok with the optional camera device in your home? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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