How 5G will help improve the Internet of Things

by Kelvin
How 5G will help improve the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will grow thanks to 5G

As we know, the Internet of Things consists of a large number of devices which are part of our daily life at home. We are talking, for example, about TVs with network access, light bulbs, video players … Any equipment that has a connection. They offer a wide range of options.

How 5G will help improve the Internet of Things

Now all these computers need good connection work. They need a network in optimal conditions to offer users everything it has. This means that sometimes, due to the circumstances of our connection, we cannot reach this optimal level.


Especially there are IoT devices that require minimal latency. This is where 5G comes to the rescue, which offers virtually no ping and therefore offers a significant improvement in this regard.

How 5G will help improve the Internet of Things 2

More responsiveness and stability

Therefore, one of the improvements that 5G will bring to the internet of things great immediacy. If we compare it to Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the latency is much lower. Under normal conditions, 5G can deliver an echo request in 1 millisecond or less, while a home wireless network is usually around 20ms in good conditions, and even more if not the best. We already know that there are many reasons for poor Wi-Fi.

Anything related to smart cities, such as autonomous vehicles, will be closely related to the use of this technology.

It will also help devices that require high throughput , combined with low latency. For example, this will be very positive for CCTV cameras operating in 8K.

But many industries like agriculture, livestock, automation or manufacturing can use smart equipment that takes advantage of this technology.

Keep in mind that 5G will enable many more devices connected while not attenuating the signal or causing problems. IoT equipment is already present in our daily life, but this figure should be expected to increase in the coming years. We will have a lot more IoT devices in our homes, and this will be at least in part thanks to 5G.

In short, 5G will become a very hot mobile technology in the coming years. Improvements in terms of reliability, stability and quality in IoT devices will open up more possibilities for us and increase the number of connected equipment. We leave you with an article with all the characteristics of 5G.