How do I protect my Google account to prevent hacking? Step by step guide

by Kelvin

Google was founded in 1998 in the garage of Susan Wojcicki (current CEO YouTube) and since then has not stopped growing and covering territories on the Internet. Today the company is worth it hundreds millions of dollars and it is one of the most important in the world.

One of the reasons for its enormous value is that it brings together many other platforms and applications. Who shared with each other a unique user and password. This means that with one credential you can access multiple services.


Therefore, it is very important to keep our login data secure. We therefore recommend that you read this entry and thus keep your Google account secure.

What is the main risk of our Google account being hacked?

If we find that our Google account has been hijacked, it poses a serious risk to privacy. Let's look at some examples, what the culprit can achieve:

  • Map. With this tool you can find out the location of your home, work place, place of visit and street.
  • Chrome. Bookmarks, favorite pages, saved passwords and other forms.
  • YouTube. I can go in private video, even closed or unpublished.
  • Google Photos. All pictures available in the phone gallery can viewed from this application.
  • Contacts. You will have access to everyone registered on the mobile phone. Given that the SIM card is no longer used as a storage space for them, this means all contacts.
  • Calendar. If you actively use this tool, hackers may know what you are using next activity.
  • Drive. Files stored in the Google cloud will be available to criminals.
  • Android. If it's a specialist, it can control your phone. Calls, messages, microphones and even the camera can be used for him.
  • Gmail. One of the most serious problems is that we use this platform as our primary email. This means that thanks to the "password recovery" tool offered by many websites, you can access it. I mean, I'll have access to Facebook, Instagram, email, other accounts Credit card (though they typically use additional security systems), and many more.

Steps to protect your Google account and prevent victims of hacking or account theft

Fortunately, we have some tools and care that will help us protect our account. It is recommended to use all suggestions that we will offer you the following:

Enter a strong password

Forget using your birthday or 123456! Strong passwords, Must contain words, numbers, symbols and switch between upper and lower case letters. It may seem hard to remember then, but try two unforgettable words, with numbers between them. For example, something you have in front of your computer: "Monitor963.Teclado"

Activate the screen lock

Remember to always enable this option, on your mobile phone just like on a computer, you must share it with others. Make sure to minimize the time the screen stays active.

The safest way to lock is a screen and a swipe pattern. If your smartphone has a fingerprint reader or slider scanner, use it. Passwords can also work, as long as they are strong.

Sync your account with your mobile phone

If an unauthorized person attempts or accesses your account, for example, by email, you'll know right away. And you can react and even block attacks with warning options. If this happens to you, we recommend that you update your password and add more security barriers.

Enable two-step verification

If you are the one who uses the same pass everywhere you sign up, or you usually download programs from the Internet, it's very important that you enable it. With this method, the system will communicate with you via mobile, each time you access your account from another device. That message will contain a second password. It also allows the use of digital security keys.

To enable this tool:

  • Go to your account (at the top of the Google homepage).
  • In your profile picture, select "Manage your Google account".
  • In part "Sign in to Google" active "Two-step verification".
  • In the new window, select "Start".
  • Enter your current password.
  • Specify which mobile device you are using.
  • Press "Try it now".
  • Google will send a test notification to your smartphone.
  • Verify your phone number and how you received the code.

Use the phone to sign in

There are options that allow access to Google applications via mobile. With this method, you can skip entering the password. This means that every time you enter your account, the system sends you a notification. You must respond "Yes" if you try. AND "No" if not.

To enable this option:

  • Enter Google account management, as we saw in the previous section.
  • Sign in to "Use the phone to sign in."
  • Enter your password and specify the pairing device you will use.
  • To solve this, the system will create a small test as a demonstration. If the notification reaches your phone successfully press "Yes" and you'll have this new security barrier.

Protect your computer from keyloggers and malware

"UPDATED ✅ Are you afraid that your Google account will be compromised and you want to protect it completely? ⭐PRODUCTION HERE ⭐

You can find the best way to protect yourself from these attacks Step by step Internet.

But we can say that the only way to prevent or repel this malware is to own it powerful antivirus. If it's your best chance, getting paid offers a great tool. However, some are free and have basic but sufficient weapons to eliminate this threat. The most important thing is to keep them updated and not make exceptions that could endanger our equipment and safety.

Keep your browser up to date

No browser is perfect. Failures can occur on any system. That's why developer companies are updating their version of the program. These imperfections can undermine their individual safety, which can result in multiple entry risks malware.

Fortunately, major web surfing companies have that equipment study and fix the code for errors. If you have the auto-update option turned off, your data and equipment may be at risk.

Activate security alerts

It's a notification that reaches your mailbox and mobile device when someone tries to access your account. If that person is you, it's nothing more than a simple warning. But in the case of criminals, this can make a big difference. Know your activity activity directly your account can act more effectively to take appropriate action.

Delete unused browser extensions

It's true that since the connection exists, if we need the tools, there's no need to download the program to the computer. It's also true that some of us use it for a short time and then they forget about the navigation bar.

This extension they need permission and access to certain data in order to function correctly. The problem is that if you deal with an unreliable developer this tool can be sold to a third party at great risk. Most importantly, because it is difficult for antivirus to detect such threats. If you do not want to risk your browser, read below.

Do not install connections from unreliable sources

The most important thing is not to do it from anywhere other than the Chrome web store. Never install extensions from other sites.

Second, we must pay attention to the data it offers about its developers. In the shop mentioned, we can see the age of extension. It is likely to be smaller than it has been for years with specific risks. Make sure it contains the actual data of the team that made it.

To continue, we must read the privacy policy. Terms such as Traces, "data", "Sell" they may signal alarms. At the same time, you must comply with the permissions requested during installation. This must be compatible with the functionality of the tool. This means that if you are a screen shooter, you should not attempt to access and modify the data from the web sites you visit.

To finish, read the comments. Get a different user experience with each extension. This will give you a better idea of ​​whether or not to install it.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment, we'll answer you as soon as possible, and I'm sure it will help more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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