How do older adults enjoy technology? smartphones


According to a study by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), WhatsApp is the application most used by adults, accessing it 17 times a day

Every day, technology influences more people, seeing the need to adapt to new trends. Without a doubt, this also includes older adults, who also want to communicate and stay ahead of current technological developments, however, the various characteristics that smartphones must have for this audience must be taken into account, because there are functions that They can help you enjoy Simpler and more effective.

"According to a study by the University of Catalonia in Oberta (UOC), WhatsApp is the preferred application for adults over 65 who use smartphonesAccess around 17 times a day. So, like younger people, older adults need smartphones that offer accessible features, "said Jesús Hung, director of Latin America. Alcatel, a brand of mobile devices from TCL Communication.


For this reasonAlcatel advise on the features to consider when buying or delivering a smartphone. In this way, just as a young person enjoys their smartphone, an older adult can also do it.


To avoid forms of unlocking, such as security patterns and PINs, smartphones with fingerprint unlock are the most practical and fast. Since they are not digital natives, it is much easier for older adults to learn how to access a smartphone in one step, with fingerprints being the best option. This technology is usually present in smartphones top rank however in Alcatel They can be found in all their series, for example in Alcatel 1.

Facial recognition

Another practical way to unlock smartphones is through facial recognition. This mechanism allows identifying the user's face based on different reference points, quickly unlocking the device. It should be noted that some cases of older adults may have difficulty memorizing patterns and passwords. Therefore, a quick unlock form is the most convenient, without compromising security.Facekey, opening with facial recognition AlcateI present on your device as Alcatel 3V.

Voice commands

Thanks to voice commands, it is possible to control a smartphone without using a keyboard or screen, making it a very practical way to start learning the functions of the device. In this way, making calls, sending messages and accessing applications can be easier. For example: smartphonesAlcatel they have GoogleAssistant, which may be the most useful. Working with Artificial Intelligence, Google's virtual assistant offers several options for using smartphones, mainly thanks to voice commands.

Quick access to applications.

Consider that social networks are the most used application smartphones, devices that allow direct access to them turn out to be a good option. For example: smartphones of the Alcatel Complete the fingerprint mechanism with the option to program the user's 5 fingerprint to automatically open multiple applications. For example, you can configure your smartphone so that when you unlock with your index finger, WhatsApp opens or use the ring finger to open Facebook.

How do older adults enjoy technology? smartphones 2

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