How do you provide power to your smartphone and laptop when you travel?


Surely everyone encounters situations where it is necessary to provide power for one or more devices in a campaign. As a general rule, we use a variety of external batteries for this. And since I work remotely, I have a great idea to collect hiking kits so I can go to the field anytime and work outdoors in the mountains. However, when going to the consumer electronics store in my city, I found a lack of laptop battery options in this segment, and this was very important, because it would be impossible to work in nature without a laptop. Then I decided to study in more detail the problem of supplying power to laptops over a long period of time.


How do you provide power to your smartphone and laptop when you travel?

Many will have enough time for their laptops, but due to active hobbies and working with the Internet, standard batteries may not be enough for many people. In this case, I will offer a number of options that can be a source of energy even during weekly increases.

Solar battery

Solar battery

I will start, perhaps, with the most important thing. This battery is worth around 10,000 rubles and offers costs for laptops that accept a 19v input. I will not call a particular model, on the Internet you can find many options. Solar panels like that can be a very optimal way to charge smartphones, because solar energy is unlimited. Although, of course, it all depends on the weather and climate.

External battery with laptop charging stand

How do you provide power to your smartphone and laptop when you travel? two

External laptop battery

This is also available in the market, for example, Citilink offers ACTUS CS-PBHTBP-20800 with a full 220 volt connector, but it is expected to reach 6,900 rubles and does not provide the function of receiving power from the sun. When using it, you should look for additional power sources, which are not too cold.

Gas generator

How do you provide power to your smartphone and laptop when you travel? 3

This can be purchased, for example, at Leroy Merlin. The cheapest option will cost around 5 thousand rubles, which is not bad. However, you must have fuel with you, in addition, gas generators have specific smells and noises, therefore this option is more likely for those who want to obtain energy even in total darkness.

Another option could be a wind generator.

At Aliexpress, you can buy a compact wind generator that is easy to install and transport. This is also a good option if you live in a windy area. A wind generator would be a good option in terms of staying out in the wild for a long time, but for temporary use I wouldn't consider it. You can also see the sail wind generator.

What conclusions can a person draw? So far, the best option is to buy a battery with solar panels and buy an additional battery to charge a 20,000 mAh laptop battery, so there is an additional charge if the laptop is fully charged and power is generated from the panels solar. The subject is interesting and I have no experience with this, but it is important for me to know what you think. Are there readers who have used some means of obtaining energy in nature? Share your thoughts in the comments and don't forget about our chat.

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