How Google Play Pass looks like and differentiates from Apple Arcadian

by Kelvin
How Google Play Pass looks like and differentiates from Apple Arcadian

These last months of 2019 are leaving us a series of important announcements in the technological universe. Last week was coming Apple Arcadian,"a game buffet" that we can enjoy from an iOS device if we are willing to pay 4.99 euros per month.

Google has taken a short time to respond to this announcement, and a few hours ago he officially presented 'Google Play Pass'. In this way, Android users will also be able to access a flat rate of mobile games for a monthly fee.


He timing It is the same, and it seems that the proposal is very similar. The truth is that there are quite a few similarities, but also There are some aspects that make the platforms differ completely. That is why we are going to shed the common points and those that distinguish them.

Price and availability

Access is an important aspect, since a service is of little use if you cannot try it. While Apple Arcade is available since its launch in 150 countries, Google Play Pass is currently only available in the United States.

Anyway, Google has promised that "soon" will arrive in other countries. As for the price, if we take as a reference to the United States (since Google Play Pass is only available there), the price is identical: $ 4.99 per month.

In none of the services will we find in-app purchases or micropayments

As you can see in the Google Play Pass presentation video, there is a launch offer which ends in October and with which you can access for $ 1.99 in the first year. We do not know if this offer will exist when it arrives in other countries.

Before wanting to take the plunge, many users want to try the service. The first month of Apple Arcade is free while Google only offers 10 days trial. Where they do coincide is that in none of the platforms will we find in-app purchases or micropayments.

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This is one of the main differences. While Apple Arcade only offers (at least for now) games, Google Play Pass also includes applications. This is an important point, since it can make many Android users decide to take the step and thus access a catalog of varied content that is being updated.

That means that in the Google service they offer us access to applications like 'AccuWeather' or 'Facetune' next to games like 'Monument Valley', 'Risk', 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic', 'Limbo' or 'Terraria'.

Google Play Pass arrives with more than 350 games and apps, Meanwhile in Apple Arcade the list is much shorter: 54 games. In this catalog we can find games like 'Oceanhorn 2', whose predecessor has a cost of 8.99 euros in the App Store.

Apple Arcade bets on exclusivity

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Perhaps one of the differential aspects is that Apple has made a great effort to attract developers to its service, and the games are exclusive to the platform (yes, you can only find them on Apple Arcade and will not reach Android).

All the games of Apple Arcade can only be tested if the service is accessed while in Google Play Pass we find games and applications that we can currently buy separately.

In the case of Apple Arcade, it will be necessary to have a device with iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS 13. To enjoy the Google Play Pass the requirement will be to have an Android device (version 4.4 or higher).

Finally, both Apple Arcade as Google Play Pass can be enjoyed by several family members: in the case of Android with five members of your family and with Apple Arcade with up to six relatives.

Setapp: something similar for macOS

We are living a key moment in app stores. While the streaming universe continues to expand and diversify in the world of cinema and series, something similar seems to be happening in the software.

Another test is found in Setapp, an alternative to the App Store that we could try at the beginning of the month. For less than 10 euros per month They allow us to enjoy dozens of paid apps that together would be valued at thousands of euros.

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They currently have more than 80 applications, which we can use unlimitedly. We find names as well known as CleanMyMac 3, Ulysses, Timing, Folx, Gemini, iMazing or TaskPaper.

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