How is Android 10, the new version of the mobile operating system – 09/03/2019

by Kelvin
How is Android 10, the new version of the mobile operating system - 09/03/2019

The new version of Google's mobile operating system, Android 10, is now official, and comes with features focused on accessibility, dark mode, gesture control and an improvement in the control that the user can exercise over the privacy of their data.

Android 10 has since Tuesday its own page on the Android website, where Google has highlighted the highlights of this update: accessibility, privacy, gesture navigation and dark mode.


Some of the novelties in accessibility feature a series of tools for the inclusive communication that the company already unveiled in May during its annual developer conference, Google I / O.

These are tools that allow deaf or hearing impaired people to read on screen what another person says when they speak to them, in real time, with Live Transcribe. Or read automatic subtitles on videos with Live caption.

But it also includes others, such as sound amplification, which filters the ambient noise and amplifies the sound according to frequencies customized by the user. OR Smart reply, which recommends actions to the proposals of the contacts through the messaging services.

Android 10 also enhances the tools of welfare and management of mobile use, with the introduction of the mode focus, which allows you to select the applications that most distract the user and silence them.

Also, with the function Family link, parents may have more control over their children's use ofsmartphones', since it links the devices with the Welfare application.

The improvements introduced by Android 10 are also related to privacy and security. In this sense, the 'smartphone' will receive the most important patches directly from Google Play, as soon as they are available.

It will also allow the user to establish when they want to share their location with other applications (always, in use, never), choose what web usage information and applications are stored and for how long, and disable ad personalization.

The adjustments on privacy issues have also been unified in a new section, so that all options are in one place.

Android 10 also introduces the dark mode, which affects the appearance of Google applications, such as Calendar or Photos, and also allows battery optimization.

Another of the highlights of this version of Android is the gesture control that will allow you to perform actions intuitively, such as switching from one application to another by simply dragging your finger across the screen from left to right, or vice versa; return to the above by dragging from the left side to the center of the screen; or return to the main page by pushing the application from the bottom to the center of the screen.

Android 10 will begin to be available on Google Pixel phones starting this Tuesday. The company said it is working with several partners to launch or upgrade devices from other brands to Android 10 this year. It would first reach high-end Samsung devices, such as Galaxy S10 and Note 10, and some Nokia. Over the months it will begin to be available for more smartphones, especially to models that are less than two years old.

This is the first Android to be named with a number (10) only. A) Yes. Google ends the long tradition of calling its operating systems with the name of a candy.

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