How long does the battery last? Apple Watch?

by Kelvin
How long does the battery last? Apple Watch? 1

How long does the smart watch battery last? Apple Watch?

The big question that all fans of the bitten apple are asking is how long will the battery really last Apple Watch if we use the smart watch with all its sensors and services to the fullest. The original controversy broke out when Tim Cook said the clock should be charged every day, back in September.

How long does the battery last? Apple Watch? 2

Depending on the use, the Apple Watch can arrive with 50% battery at the end of the day

However, thanks to the first tests carried out by a journalist and experts in technological devices of Apple, today we can get a more concrete answer to this question. Since Apple they protect themselves by saying that smart watch battery, Apple Watch, can offer up to 18 hours of autonomy and that the device will always have to be charged at night, before going to sleep. Is this statement true?


After the experience of John Gruber of Daring Fireball, after using the Apple Watch intensely for a week he states that he had between 30 and 40 minutes of battery life every night before going to sleep. On days when the clock configuration was not the most demanding, it even reached the end of the day with 50% battery available.

While the need to charge the battery of the Apple Watch every night is present, users will hardly find the clock off at the end of the day. Of course, it remains a great disadvantage compared to a traditional watch whose batteries can last between 5 or 10 years and there are even devices with automatic battery recharge with solar energy.

Journalist Lauren Good, of Re / code, was also surprised by the autonomy of the Apple Watch. While acknowledging that it is not as wide as that of other devices, it was better than she expected. Even one day I use the watch with its fitness sensors and then the maps to go to work and the service of calls and notifications, still the smart watch was still running without reaching Reserve mode.

How long does the battery last? Apple Watch? 3

The battery life of Apple Watch It is very good for the type of device that is

Another journalist who gave his impressions on the battery of the Apple Watch It was Ben Bajarin, from Techpinions, and he was one of the most positive. He remarked that the autonomy of the device is very good and during its test week it never dropped below 20% The battery level available.

In short, it seems that the main fears about the autonomy of Apple Watch They are not a cause for such concern, and although it is a device with a battery much less powerful than a smartphone, it will not end in 24 hours and you can put it to charge before going to sleep without fear of turning it off .

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