How many betas of iOS 13 are left before the final version?

by Kelvin
iOS 13

The beta of iOS 13 has brought to our devices a good amount of news, both at the interface level and functionalities. For example, with it we have seen the arrival of the dark mode, the beginning of the tests of services such as Apple Arcade, the appearance of iPadOS, among other changes that have been appearing throughout the different compilations. But nevertheless, We are already at the gates of September, and we still don't know when the time will come when the Golden Master will be present.


For those who do not know, the Golden Master is the result of months of testing, the candidate version to be released to the public in the official publication of the new update. The arrival of this version depends on how refined the compilations are. Apple He is launching his community of testers. Thus, if significant errors are detected, it is most likely that GM will delay another compilation. All this for the benefit of the users.

As you can see in the graphic created by Will Hains, which illustrates the days that the different versions of iOS have been in beta, there is no general rule regarding the number of compilations. Of course, major system updates spend more time in the oven than minor ones, but sometimes this has not involved a greater number of betas. For example, in the case of iPhone OS 3 and iOS 8, a total of 5 betas were reached, although they were in testing for quite some time.

ios betas graphic

In the case of the previous major system update, iOS 12, GM was reached after 12 beta compilations, in fact, iOS 13 would have already lost the rhythm of its predecessor. And if we follow the rumors related to the release dates of the new update, we could have it on all our devices in less than a month. Therefore, there would be less than 30 days left before its launch, which could still give us a good number of betas, whose pace of publication should now accelerate even more.

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In any case, and regardless of the number of beta compilations that remain, that's fine could be about three more compilations, this kind of thing shouldn't worry us. The greater the number of compilations released, the better result will be the Golden Master on the devices of users around the world. For now, to make the wait until the final version more enjoyable, it is possible that in just a few days we will already have the invitations to the September event, and that will be when all the details are revealed.