How to activate Brave dark mode in your mobile version

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Brave Browser, a fast browser, with dark mode and adblock

The mobile phone is increasingly used to go around the Internet, where browsers do not usually have the same advantages as computer. But little by little, very interesting apps are becoming popular like Brave, which we told you a few weeks ago that I had a dark mode, among other features.

Now, in this post we will delve into this function so that you can also take advantage of it and thus navigate more comfortably, especially if you do it at night. The view will end up thanking you.

So you can activate Brave's dark mode to navigate at night

Because if in addition to this Brave night mode, you install a light filter such as Twilight, night navigation will not be a problem to fall asleep or your eyes will suffer with the blue lighting radiating from the panel of your smartphone.

But returning to what concerns us, to activate the dark mode of Brave We will follow these steps:

How to activate Brave dark mode in your mobile version 1

First enter chrome: // flags in the navigation bar to go to the internal settings of the browser. Being created from Chrome (Chromium) you can make use of the Google browser flags.

When visiting chrome: // flags you will see a screen similar to the one shown in the image above.

How to activate Brave dark mode in your mobile version 2

Now enter the term «Dark»In the search engine that you will find just below the navigation bar. You will skip a result that indicates Android web contants dark mode in which we will touch the «Default»That we point out in the image above.

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How to activate Brave dark mode in your mobile version 3

This pop-up menu will be displayed in which we will select «Enabled»To activate the dark mode of Brave. Then the browser will ask you to restart it in order to apply the changes; we will give to Relaunch Now.

When Brave reopens, the background of the web pages will become dark. Everything that was once white will now be black on any web page.

Some examples of web pages in dark mode

Basically, what the app does is a color inversion but respecting some elements as icons or images to make navigation as natural as possible. Of course, in our experience we have noticed that the odd image has inverted its colors, although keeping it pressed and giving "Open in a new tab" has been solved; also reloading the page. It's a bit random, really.

But until some browser is able to optimally convert all web pages to night mode, this is one of the more interesting alternatives We can use for now.

Then, if you want to disable Brave dark mode, just simply follow the same steps and set “Disabled” in the last one (and restart the app, of course).

Other functions of Brave that should be highlighted

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As we said at the beginning, Brave has many options that are leading it to be the preferred browser of many users.

On the one hand, it has Adblock to eliminate intrusive advertising from web pages, thus having whitelists to allow ads on the sites you prefer. In addition, you have the option «https everywhere»That establishes a safe navigation even if the page we are visiting does not have this protocol.

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Finally, the app gives you the possibility to obtain money by browsing thanks to the BAT cryptocurrency.

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