How to activate dark mode in iOS 13


With the release of iOS 13, Apple It will share its cellular operating system between iOS iPhone and iPadOS iPad. Each platform offers its own device-specific functionality, but an additional element will be present in both: dark mode.

While dark mode was added to the Mac in Mojave last year, the iPhone and iPad didn't have this popular feature until now. Those who really want to dim their screens can invert the colors, but that is not a substitute for true dark mode.


AppleiOS 13 come September 19; After downloading the new operating system, here we show you how to lower the AppleOS mobile light.

How to activate dark mode in iOS? 13?

On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings> Display and brightness and Touchez on the Dark theme to change everything to a darker color.

IPhone dark mode

Incorporated Apple Applications that will receive a darker theme include: App Store, Books, Clock, Contacts, Files, Health, Home, iMessage, iTunes, Reminders, Shortcuts, Store, News, Notes, Mail, Maps, Phones, Photos, Podcasts, Safari, Settings, stocks, tips and wallets.

How to program dark mode in iOS 13

If you prefer to limit dark mode to a certain time, iOS 13 allows you to schedule when your device enters and exits dark mode.

Go to Settings> Display and brightness. Auto toggle option and by default will program light themes until sunset and dark themes until sunrise. Even with automatic adjustment, you can still choose dark mode during the day. This will switch to light mode with the next sunrise.

Program dark mode

If you want to set a specific time for the dark and light modes, touch Options and select Custom time. Touch Light Appearance or Dark Appearance to choose when the light and dark modes will change every day.

Custom dark mode

Activate dark mode from the control center

There is a faster way to switch between light and dark modes from your iOS device. Open the Control Center by swiping down from the right corner of the screen. Beneath the flashlight icon is a theme button that allows you to switch between light and dark modes.

iOS 13 Dark mode from the Control Center

The button will work differently depending on how you set your theme. By default, this will permanently switch between light and dark. If the dark mode is configured at a special time, changing it from the Control Center will only be temporary. This will go back to when you were designated in settings.