Do you have a Huawei mobile and do not know how to activate the developer options? EMUI, the company's mobile personalization layer, offers an option that may be different from other devices. If you want to activate the development options to adjust some system parameters, we show you how you can do it below.


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Before continuing it is important that you know that the development options are hidden by something. They are very advanced settings, and if you are not an experienced user it is better not to access these options. Changing any development option could make your terminal unusable. In case you want to change any animation settings or activate any option, look for a tutorial and follow the steps that indicate.

If you know the risks of touching a development adjustment and still want to activate this option, the way is very simple. First, you should go to the system settings. You can do it from the notification panel, by clicking on the gear in the upper area. Or, from the settings application itself. Once inside, go to the system option. Then, Touchez on ‘About phone’ and go to the option that says ‘Build number’. Now, press several times until another screen appears.

development_ options

Disable development options

In that new screen you will have to put the lock PIN of your device, which you usually use to unlock the terminal. Once activated, go back and in the same ‘System’ option, you will see the desarrollador Developer options ’. If you want to deactivate this function you will simply have to turn off the first button that appears when you enter the development options. Huawei also includes a button that allows us to reset to default settings, in such a way that the options will remain as they arrived with the device.

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