How to activate GPS Apple Watch 5

by Kelvin
How to activate GPS Apple Watch 5

With the arrival of the internet to mobile devices, knowing where people are has become very normal, since thanks to GPS, knowing the real-time location of anyone is something really simple since that person is enough Press a button and send us on the map the exact place it is. This can be seen through applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook, the leathers have this option in their chats.


The GPS allows us to know through the use of satellites and thanks to the help of the internet the exact location of people as well as places, providing us with precise instructions the arrival to these sites. Of course the developers of Apple Watch 5 could not miss the opportunity to incorporate this valuable application to the clock.

Remember that with GPS you can not only know in real time the location of a person, but also indicate the fastest routes to travel. That is why we show you a simple procedure, so you can activate the GPS in the Apple Watch 5.

Step 1

We enter the main screen of the Apple Watch 5 and select the "Settings" section, which is represented by an icon resembling a cogwheel.

activate GPS Apple Watch 5 1.jpg

Step 2

Then a list of options will open, you must click on “General”.

activate GPS Apple Watch 5 2.png

Step 3

Later a window with several alternatives is shown, you have to select “Location”

activate GPS Apple Watch 5 3.png

Step 4

Now the alternative “Location” will be displayed at the top of the screen. You must enable it by moving to the right a small tab that appears next to it and it will change to green. This indicates that GPS is already activated on the device.

activate GPS Apple Watch 5 4.png

Step 5

When you scroll to the bottom of the screen you can see the alternative “Share my location”. By activating this section by moving the tab to the right, you will automatically share your location in real time with all your contacts.

activate GPS Apple Watch 5 5.png

Once you have completed this process, the GPS location of your watch will be activated. In case you want to deactivate it, you have to perform the same process but uninhabiting this tab.