How to activate split screen on Android Pie


Split screen is a pretty good feature that allows Android users to use two windows on a screen Let's say you can check your WhatsApp notifications while saving Facebook the screen turns on. This allows you to perform various functions, such as copying and pasting the location of the restaurant you want to visit, the address you just got from the website without having to close both. windows.

If you're wondering how to use split screen in Android Pie mode, open the guide below.


Activate movement on Android

Without activating motion mode, you cannot use the split screen function on your mobile device.

    Go to Settings> System> Motion> Swipe up on the start button

Google has introduced the use of multiple windows to smartphones in nougat. However, how to use it is quite complicated. One had to touch and hold the window and drag it to the top of the screen to start multiple windows and then touch the second window to keep them together on the screen. This is totally different in Android Pie. The process is easier.

This is what you should do on Android Pie:

Open the app you want to use on the split screen

Now swipe up from the bottom. Some users may have to slide their Start button

Touchez the app icon you want for split screen

Touch the app brand to get the menu.

From the options select Split Screen

Touchez the app window below

This will allow you to launch two applications on a split screen

You can now use the app on a split screen

When using split screen on your smartphone, the app you touch first to switch to split screen is the main window, and the app running in the bottom function is the child window. You can scroll up or down inside Chrome or Facebook app or two apps you use and both will run separately as two separate windows with a separate scroll key. You can also use this feature in landscape mode if you want. All you have to do is rotate the phone and both application screens will rotate as long as the mode is activated.

Follow the easy steps mentioned above and you can use split screen mode on your Android Pie.

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