How to activate the dark mode in Instagram

by Kelvin
How to activate the dark mode in Instagram

To the delight of all of us who love black interfaces, the dark mode is coming to the system and all applications. Well, they are not always black, especially with regard to Google, but it is appreciated that there is an option between a light and dark interface. And the last to offer this option is Instagram.

The company is updating its Android application with an automatic dark mode. That is, this mode is activated within the app if dark mode is on at system level. Although the update began to reach some users, most do not yet have the dark mode. Does it happen to you too? No problem, we will teach you to force the dark mode in Instagram.


The dark mode of Instagram It is already active in the latest versions, only for mobile phones with a dark theme

One of the conditions of this new dark mode of Instagram is that the mobile must have a dark system level interface. This comes standard on Android 9 Pie for mobiles from many manufacturers; such as Xiaomi with MIUI 10, Samsung phones with One UI or OnePlus with OxygenOS 9.5, among many others. Instagram You do not have a switch in the options to activate the dark mode to pleasure.

To have the dark mode you must update to the latest version of the app from Google Play. If you are lucky, it is enough that you have active the dark mode on your mobile (from the system settings) so that Instagram It also becomes dark. It does not work by activating energy saving: Instagram It only gets dark if the system has a dark theme activated.

What have you activated the dark mode and Instagram still not getting dark? No problem, we have the solution:

  • Download the latest Alpha version of Instagram for Android In Apk Mirror it is available: is a secure file.
  • Install the Apk and activate the dark mode of your mobile from the system settings.
  • Go to Instagram and you will see that the new dark interface is activated.

How to activate the dark mode in Instagram

The new mode is applied with sufficient quality; maintaining the integrity throughout the application. The background is completely black, a joy for those who love this interface style and also for those who have OLED screen and want to save some energy. The new interface is complete: from the image timeline to settings or Stories. Despite being still in development, the dark mode shows enough consistency.

How to activate the dark mode in Instagram 2 Instagram Version: Author: Requires INSTALL INSTALL INSTALL APK Size:

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