How to activate the fingerprint lock on WhatsApp

by Kelvin
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IOS users enjoy fingerprint unlock on WhatsApp since last February, thus protecting their messaging and conversations application so that only they can access at all times and no one else. Now, the application is close to implementing this security system in its final version on Android. Until that happens, the feature is available in beta 2.19.221 of the app.

WhatsApp beta for Android already has fingerprint unlock, so the final version should receive this feature soon

It is an additional (and more infallible) security system that adds to the privacy that users may have on their phone. This new layer of protection will help keep the eyes of the curious away.


In addition, new options are added to control notifications, which allow the user to decide whether he wants incoming messages to be displayed in the notification center or not when fingerprint blocking is activated.

In this way, if the concealment of notifications is not activated, users can reply to messages from the notifications no need to use your fingerprint, because you only have to do it when you want to open the app.

How to activate fingerprint security on WhatsApp

Fingerprint security is disabled by default. To activate it, users have to go to "Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock".

There are three modes of fingerprint locking; one that asks for fingerprint authentication every time you want to access the app, another after one minute and another after 30 minutes.

To access this function, beta 2.19.221 must be installed on a phone that works under Android Marshmallow or higher, and of course, the device must have a fingerprint reader.

Users concerned about the privacy of their biometric data do not have much to worry about, since WhatsApp handles the fingerprint through Android, which means that it does not save this data on its servers.

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