How to Activate Weather Information in the Notification Center After Jailbreak

by Kelvin

If you are one of those who made the new jailbreak for iPhone with iOS 7, you will probably have noticed that the weather information that we can find in the Notification Center and that comes directly from the native iOS App, Weather, has disappeared. For this reason we leave you with the steps to follow to visualize this information again.

Weather Centro Noficaciones Jailbreak


How to Re-Activate Meteorological Information in the Notification Center After iPhone Jailbreak with iOS 7

To be able to visualize again the weather information through the Notification Center on our iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini) with Jailbreak, we have to follow the following steps:

  • Install iFile for iOS 7
  • Access the Settings and enter the Notification Center section
  • Activate all available options
  • Then open iFile and access var / mobile / Library / BulletinBoard /
  • Then we select the SectionInfo.plist file and rename it by SectionInfo.bak
  • Make a Respring
  • Finally we open iFile again and go to the route var / mobile / Library / BulletinBoard
  • We delete the previously created SectionInfo.bak file

Center Notifications Time iOS 7 Cydia IOS 7 Time Notifications Center

Activating Weather Information in the Notification Center on iPhone with Jailbreak is Simple

Once these steps have been followed, we close iFile and enter the Notification Center, here we can see how the meteorological information that had disappeared after the jailbreak reappears.

If when entering the Notification Center the weather information still does not appear, you must take into account that, in order for the device to provide you with such data, it is necessary that you have the location services activated, in addition to having a WiFi or 3G connection .

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