How to activate WhatsApp without using a physical phone number

by Kelvin
How to activate WhatsApp without using a physical phone number

Many users have complained that, to activate Whatsapp, the system requests a phone number. This will also be our identifier, so it is sometimes preferable to use it against other verification methods. In any case, it is true that sometimes we will not have it at hand. Is it possible to activate our WhatsApp without having a physical phone number? Of course. As we have said, there are other ways to verify that we are the owners of our account, within the application.

In this case, what we are going to use is a telephone number that will not be ours, but that will also allow us to register an account and, of course, validate it. For this, the first thing we will have to do is get a virtual telephone number, a product that can be found on the Internet, and that on more than one occasion will serve us for tasks like this.


Regarding getting a virtual phone number, we have to say that there are dozens of applications that will allow us to do this operation. Although in this case we will use Hushed for the simple reason that it is a very easy to use service. Mention that it is a payment platform, although the price justifies the fact of to get a WhatsApp account with a number that is not physical and that we can take anywhere.

First, obviously, we downloaded the application. We can do it from any of the stores that are on Android and iOS. The download is done for free, although once inside the app we will have to subscribe to a payment plan.

Once subscribed, we will have to fill in our preferences regarding the use of our account. Or, rather, get the phone number that interests us. For this it is only necessary to select the country from which we want the number, and the number itself. The system will give us a choice between a series of available numbers, being able to choose the one we want.

When we have our virtual phone number, we can move on to the process of WhatsApp account activation.


Activating WhatsApp with a virtual phone number is not complicated. Simply We start the application and start the process. When the system asks for the phone number, we put the one that we have configured in Hushed. Keep in mind that the verification text message will reach the application you have on your mobile. Put the code in WhatsApp and the account will be activated.

Don't forget that in order to communicate with your contacts, you will have to provide your virtual telephone number, which is the one registered in the WhatsApp account. Some options are managed from Hushed, so it is a good idea to keep the application installed.

Thanks to these simple steps We have registered and activated a new WhatsApp account using a virtual phone number. We will no longer depend on our physical SIM.