How to add shortcuts to Google Maps routes on our mobile device


Of course, in everyday life You go to a fixed place always. The route you have set beforehand that brings you closer to work, to the home of a family member or friend … routines are an inseparable part of us and it is appropriate for them to accommodate our day every day. If this does not happen, this routine can be a real expense. And why do we have cell phones if it doesn't make life easier for us? Yes, also for companies to make money with the data we offer for free, but that's another story.

What we are doing here today is teaching you a trick that you can do with the Google Maps app and it will make your daily transportation a lot easier, whether you use a car, bike or on foot. And, thanks to Google's giant map tool, we can place certain route shortcuts on the home screen, wherever we want, from our mobile device. You can even create folders with different paths.


Add the usual path on the desktop of your Android phone

We've talked about routines, but shortcut can also come in handy for you on the go, because you can put all the routes you'll take in the same place and organize them in the same room. For this we will do the following steps, very easy to do.

  • We open the Goggle Maps application that you must have installed on your mobile device. If for some reason you don't have it, download it from this link in the Play Store app store.
  • So hold down an empty spot on the table until an option with multiple icons appears. We have to click on what ‘Widget’ says.
  • In the list that appears, we have to search in ‘Map’ and, within ‘Map’, then the ‘How to get there’ box is pressed. We can also choose other shortcuts that may be of interest to us. When the desktop appears, we drop the icon and start building our route on the next screen that appears.

  • The first thing we have to do is choose how we will go to our destination. We have four different transportation options: by car, by train or subway, by bicycle or on foot. For the tutorial we will choose to choose on foot. So we exercise and reduce pollution.
  • Then we keep checking the box ‘detailed navigation‘To guarantee that all indications will be carried out correctly.
  • Now we should put the address of that place Remember that you must place it correctly so that the directions are correct and Google Maps shows you where you want to go.
  • So we have to leave it name for the shortcut what we do here depends on where you are going. We recommend that you enter a simple identifying name, especially if the shortcut will be for a future trip so you can find out which one.

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  • Finally If we choose a car as a means of transportationWe can request that the route does not have ferries, highways or tolls to avoid paying more.
  • Finally click "Save".

Now when you click on the shortcut widget you just created, the path to the destination you choose will appear. As a starting point, your place will always appear. Therefore, if you are on the way, you will be interested in making a direct access with your hotel or accommodation. Don't forget to make a different name for each access and save them in the same folder on the home screen of your mobile device.

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