How to add wholesale prices in WooCommerce (step by step)

by Kelvin

Do you want to set wholesale prices for wholesale and wholesale buyers on WooCommerce? By default, you can only set normal prices for a product with WooCommerce.

In this article, we show you how to easily set up WooCommerce wholesale pricing for customers who want to order in bulk.


Who needs to configure WooCommerce wholesale pricing?

Online stores that can place bulk orders can set wholesale prices for bulk buyers, as well as retail prices for other customers.

You can also use wholesale prices if you want to offer discounts to dropshipping companies.

The problem now is that with WooCommerce you cannot, by default, configure different price settings based on quantity or customer type.

This means that your wholesale customers must place their orders manually and negotiate discounts. This is not very effective and generates delays that affect your experience in your business.

Let's see how you can easily set WooCommerce wholesale prices and allow wholesale customers to place orders quickly.

Wholesale pricing options for WooCommerce

For this tutorial, we use WooCommerce Wholesale Suite. There are three plugins that you can sell products in your WooCommerce store.

First, install and activate the plugin at wholesale prices. For more information, see our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

After activation visit Configuration »WWS License Page to enter your license key. You can find this information in your account on the plugin's website.

Then edit a product on WooCommerce or create a new one.

Scroll down to the "Product Data" section of the product editor screen. From here you can set the sale price of your product as usual.

Below is an option to set the wholesale price of the product and the minimum quantity required to unlock the wholesale price.

Wholesale prices

If you want to strictly enforce the minimum order quantity for wholesale customers, go to step Product sales quantity 1 set.

Establishment of wholesale prices by quantity

Suppose you want to offer different prices for an even larger quantity. With WooCommerce wholesale prices you can also do this.

On the product edit page, scroll down to the price range and check the box next to "Enable multiple wholesale price discounts based on quantity purchased."

Price is based on quantity.

This displays quantity-based pricing options. You can select the role of the wholesale customer and then enter a starting quantity and a final quantity. Finally, add prices for orders between these quantities.

When done, click the "Add Volume Discount Rule" button.

Repeat the process if you need to add more volume pricing rules. You can now save or publish your product.

Wholesale Price Display

By default, users with the role of wholesale customer are available at wholesale prices for products. This means that registered wholesale customers can see the wholesale price on the product page.

For testing purposes, you can create a new user account by visiting User »Add new Page and select "Wholesale Customer" as the user role.

Wholesale customer

Then log in with the new user account and switch to the previously edited product. There you will find the wholesale prices listed there as well as the normal prices.

Wholesale prices of products

Create global discounts for wholesale customers

Usually, you manually add a wholesale price for each product. However, with the WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing plugin you can also set global discounts for wholesale customers.

Just go to WooCommerce »settings Page and switch to the Wholesale Prices tab. From here, click on the Discount link.

Global discount

Then select the wholesale customer and add a percentage discount value. Then click the Add Assignment button to save the discount.

This global discount only applies to products without wholesale pricing. Wholesale customers can benefit from the discount regardless of the quantity of the product.

Quantity-based global discount options

If you want to offer a global volume-based discount, you can configure it on the "Discount" page in the plugin settings.

Simply select the role of the wholesale customer and add the starting / ending amount with the percentage discount value.

Global quantity discount

Then click the Add Assignment button to save your discount rule.

Create customer roles in wholesale

Not all wholesale customers are the same. Some may order more frequently and in larger quantities than others. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to differentiate between existing wholesale customers?

With WooCommerce wholesale pricing, you can do this by creating wholesale customer roles.

By default, the plugin has the Wholesale Customer User role that you can use for all of your wholesale customers. Go to to create multiple roles WooCommerce »Wholesale roles Side.

Wholesale user roles

You can now select the user role in the global discount settings or on the product pages to offer different pricing options.

We hope this article has helped you set up WooCommerce wholesale pricing in your eCommerce store. You can also view our list of the best WooCommerce plugins, the best WooCommerce themes, and the best WooCommerce hosting to help you grow your business.

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