How to ask the Google Assistant to throw a coin or dice 4Rock, paper or scissors, a two three! When making a decision you can do many things. The first, take it coldly, following reason or heart. The second, embark on an eternal game of stone, paper or scissors. The third, and although it also has to do with chance, throw a coin in the air to see if face or cross comes out.


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If you are about to start a game of anything, you also have the option to use the dice. But what if you don't have any at hand? Well, the problems are over.

From now on Google Assistant offers us the possibility of throwing a coin or dice to make a quick decision about anything, such as who has to take down the trash, who does the baths this week or who takes care of sleeping the baby for the umpteenth time tonight.

How to ask the Google Assistant to throw a coin or dice 5How to flip a coin with Google Assistant

It is actually as easy as it seems. All you have to have is the Google assistant at hand. It can be both through the Google Home you have at home, and from any mobile device. In any case, you just have to launch a voice command for Google execute the order correctly:

1. Open Google Assistant.

2. Tell him what you want to do: Throw coin. You can also use other commands, such as Throw a coin O well Heads or tails.

3. Then, the Assistant will give you a quick and clear answer about whether it is expensive or cross. If you use the Google search service by executing a voice command, it may appear the animation of a coin which, from one moment to another, will give you the result of face or cross. It is a bit more graphic than what the assistant can offer you.

From there, you can make the decision that suits you. And now we're going to teach you how to launch the data with Google Assistant, which is another thing you can do with ease.

How to ask the Google Assistant to throw a coin or dice 6Now we are going to throw the dice with Google Assistant

We are going to ask the Google Assistant for something else, which is nothing more and nothing less than throwing the dice. Easy, right? The gesture and above all, the result, can help you decide on anything, especially if you are trying to launch a game and need the random result that one or more dice can offer you. You have to do it like this:

1. Open the Google Assistant.

2. Next, ask him to roll a dice.

3. You will see that in very few seconds you get a result. But beware, you don't have to roll a single die every time. You can make all the combinations that you consider appropriate, both with two, three, four or five dice, as well as asking the assistant to roll an 8-sided dice, two 8-sided or even 20 dice.

We have verified that this same command does not work if we use it in Google search, through voice commands, which does work when asking you to throw a coin for us to see if it comes face or cross.

If in the end the result provided by Google Assistant does not work for you, you can ask for something else: to give you a random number. You will see that it is a great formula for raffles. If this formula works better for you, you can do it like this:

1. Open the Google Assistant.

2. Tell him to tell you a random number.

3. You can also ask him to indicate a number between an interval, such as from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 100. The following commands will work perfectly for you: Say a random number or Say a number from 1 to 10.

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