How to autofill passwords and username on Android

by Kelvin
How to autofill passwords and username on Android

Passwords and users are a big problem with online accounts, we have so many to remember that we forget them more than once, although fortunately there is a very simple solution for Android. Google services go to the point that it allows us autocomplete passwords and all necessary data, including information forms.

How to autofill passwords and username on Android

Of course, you know the option to save passwords in Google Chrome, but this method is similar, although it applies to all mobile applications. Just remember password our Gmail will be enough, the rest are already in charge of Google, just by activating this option that we will show you.


Write passwords and single users on Android

To start using this feature, we just need to follow a few simple steps that will allow us to save them all in our account. From Android 8, this option is available on all android phones Regardless of the level of personalization we have, although the route may differ, in which case we recommend using the search engine settings.

  • First, we will access the smartphone settings.
  • Next, we are looking for the system option.
  • Next, we enter languages ​​and text input.
  • Now we choose auto-complete service
  • Finally, we choose Google as our default service.

autocomplete contracena usuario android

Save passwords to your Google account

As soon as we activate it, we will need to start saving passwords, and for this we only need enter any application that supports this method. Currently, the major social networks or services available are already compatible. When we start a session, the option to save it appears at the bottom, so the next time we log in, we will only need to click a button.

Guardar Contraseñas Google

In case we have more than one account, a drop-down list will appear with all of them, by clicking on the one that we need, we will automatically fill in and we can enjoy the palace. With this process we can already start using password autocomplete function but if we really want to take advantage of this with all its possibilities, we will have to save our data correctly in order to use it later.

Fill in the data in the forms

The next step to let our Android mobile write everything for us is add information to autocomplete service … First, we have to follow the same steps as before: Settings> System> Languages ​​and text input. But in this case, instead of Google, we will touch the settings option, where we will have access to everything we need.

autocomplete google android

We will be able to add personal information that will fill in our first and last name, in addition to the default address or payment methods. From here, we can also find out the passwords that we store in the Google account, not only Google Chrome passwords, but also applications.