Finally, iPhone users will be able to block external images, attached to an email in Gmail. The latest update of the Gmail application in the App Store of Apple This is confirmed. If the user wishes, it will prevent the images included in a received email from being automatically uploaded to the mobile, thus preventing their personal emails from being tracked by Google itself and minimizing the impact on the internal storage of the device.


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Prevent images from downloading alone in Gmail

To activate the new function and thus prevent images from being downloaded automatically, the user must act as follows: enter the configuration of your iPhone, select your personal email account and in ‘Images’ select ‘Ask before displaying external images‘ As expected, Android users, owned by Google as well as Gmail, have had this option for quite some time. Now, finally, if you have an iPhone you can also get it.

How to view all emails from your Gmail accounts on iPhone

Benefits of blocking Gmail images on your mobile

By blocking the attached images in a gmail You will be benefiting, mainly, in two very obvious ways:

  • First, Google can't ‘see’ the images attached in your emails. Thanks to these images, Google collects information to offer you notices, reminders (such as booking a hotel or flight) and personalized advertising. Preventing images from downloading automatically is a simple way to avoid tracking.
  • Second, you prevent the internal storage of your phone wanes: when you automatically download images the space will be increased.
  • By canceling the automatic download you can save battery.
  • If you receive an email while connected to data, if images are downloaded the expense will be higher.

Six years ago, Google automatically activated the images to download themselves, without the user's permission. To prevent malware in Gmail attachments, Google served the images, directly, from their own servers, as the main email providers had begun to reduce their preview. It was from 2013, remember it or not, that Google downloads the images to your mobile without permission.

How can I block the images if I am on an Android mobile?

Okay, we have already seen that the download can be blocked on an iPhone mobile and we want to do it in our Android mobile, since the benefits have convinced us. What should we do for it? Here’s how to do it.

gmail images settings

We will enter the Gmail application on your Android mobile. Next, we slide the screen to the right, from the left side, until a sidebar appears. We can also make it appear by pressing the three stripes menu that we see at the top of the screen, next to ‘Search for mail’.

adjustments images gmail 02

We scroll down completely and enter ‘Settings’. Subsequently, we enter the section in which our email account appears.

Now, we scroll again and, in the last section, ‘Images’, we choose ‘Ask before displaying external images

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