How to avoid spam and phishing through Google Calendar

by Kelvin
How to avoid spam and phishing through Google Calendar

How to stop spam in Google Calendar

Spam that arrives as an appointment in the Google Calendar can be very annoying. Opening the web or calendar application and seeing several or hundreds of events that you have not added is a nuisance, but why does this happen?

There are those who have achieved cheat Gmail anti spam filters and take advantage of the Calendar function to add events included in an email automatically. That way, when an email includes an appointment it is automatically added even if it ends up in the trash due to Calendar default settings. And of course, if it were only one every so long … the problem is that you can find hundreds of them in a matter of minutes.


However, the biggest problem is that some of these quotes include links that are nothing more than phishing techniques to try to steal information from the user (service access passwords, credit card numbers, etc.). Avoiding falling into these phishing techniques requires the same measures and precautions you take with the strange links you receive by email or any other means.

Still, what interests us is knowing how to end both spam and possible phishing through Google Calendar. This is the first thing you should do.:

  1. Open Google Calendar and click on the menu Settings
  2. In the left menu bar select Event Settings
  3. Go to drop down Add invitations automatically
  4. Choose No, show only invitations to which I have responded

The second part, to prevent them from being added directly from Gmail:

Google Calendar Spam

  1. From the Calendar Settings, select the section Gmail events.
  2. Uncheck the box of Automatically add Gmail events to my calendar.

With these two simple steps you will avoid this annoying practice that, according to each one, can become more or less intense. The "only" thing you lose is that calmness of adding everything to the calendar without having to do anything, but seen, a bit of interaction on your part and changes in habits is better than suffering spam.

If for some casual you suffer from this same type of spam in other calendar services, you just have to check your options to see if in the same way that Google automatically adds them.

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