How to Avoid Unwanted Charges in Play Store

by Kelvin
How to Avoid Unwanted Charges in Play Store

The Android Store Play Store has a lot of apps free; however there are quite a few that are paid. If you want to protect purchases from Play Store it is better to do it with a password and thus have to enter it before confirming the payment.

Thus, if unauthorized people or young children want to buy content without permission, you can protect yourself against these unwanted charges.


How to protect yourself from unwanted charges in the Play Store

Password protection to avoid unwanted charges in the Play Store is disabled by default, but you can activate it. How?

– Go to the Play Store, identify yourself.

– Open the "settings" window.

– Look in "user controls".

– Look where it says “ask for authentication to make purchases”.

– Click on that option and there will be another window.

– Support option password and enter a valid password for 30 minutes or for each purchase.

– You have to enter a password that can be easily configured.

– If your mobile phone also has a fingerprint reader, it can be used for payments in “user controls”.

– You can now buy with a password, or prevent others from doing it without it.

– It is also valid for purchases in-app (in which you have to be even more careful).

Purchases inside the applications are an important source of income for developers, the problem is when they are spent spending money accidentally. And this is what we should avoid. For this, you must use the password that is initially not default.

Just like that, every time you want to pay in Google Play Store a password will be requested You have to enter to truly make the purchase. So, you will know that every time a purchase is made from the application you do it, so use a secure password that nobody else knows. In addition, you will avoid shopping by accident.

To do the same in Android TV, you have to enter settings of the app Play Store from smart TV, in purchase passwords and the same options. You decide which one suits you best.

Another thing that you have to know is that this is not for all devices, but that you will have to do it in everyone where you have the apps. It is only saved on the one that has been configured, so you must do it on all the devices you have even if you use the same account.

Once you have configured this correctly, you can forget about unwanted charges for purchases of apps, games, books or whatever you want in the Play Store. Also, if you take care of protect play store you can leave it to other people and children without fear.

There are few people who have complained about having a higher than normal bill until they have realized why it is, and hopefully some have noticed when it comes to Play Store purchases. Sometimes it is possible to solve, but it is not usual. Has it ever happened to you? What happened? Tell us your experience.

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