How to better control your privacy on Android 10

by Kelvin
Android permissions

How to better control your privacy on Android 10

A few days ago Android 10 came to us, a version that although aesthetically has not changed much, if it has left us many interesting news that are worth familiarizing.

The approach to privacy is one of the most important, and more if we talk about the location. Android 10 has a small change in location settings that is extremely important. We explain what it is and how to access it.


Access to the location on Android 10 is much better

Android has an excellent system to manage how applications can access certain resources of our mobile. We talk about permissions, a system that allows us to define if an application can access our files, camera or location, among several others.

The basis of the permission system is that, when an application requires one of these resources, a window will appear indicating it. In some cases, these permissions are essential for the use of the application, but in others it represents a security problem.

A clear example is in the location. Until Android 9, at the time we gave permission to an application so that it could access our location, it obtained it completely. This permission is usually used to obtain geographic information (for example, an application of the weather needs to know where we are to indicate precisely the climate of our area).

Having control over access to the location is a great privacy tool.

Sometimes, this permission has been used to spy on users. An application could request that permission for some feature (justifiably) but still use it fraudulently to track our location.

With Android 10 users have more power to avoid this, and now we have more advanced management of location permissions. And how do we get to them?

How to better control your privacy on Android 10 3

  1. We turn to settings.
  2. Click on privacy.
  3. Permission Manager
  4. Location.

How to better control your privacy on Android 10 4

Once we have reached this menu, we will find a list of all the applications that can request information for our location. Here we will have three different categories:

  • Permitted forever: the traditional location permit up to Android 9. The applications marked here will have access to your location whenever they require it.
  • Allowed only while using: This is the new option and the most recommended for all applications that require your location, since the permission will only be active while the application is in the foreground. It directly prevents an application from tracking you.
  • Without permission: The applications on this list will be unable to access your location.

And what happens if we want to modify the permission of an application? Just touch it and the menu will appear to do it.

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