How to block applications to avoid use on Android

by Kelvin

Can you give me your phone for a moment? A sweat runs down our backs upon hearing those words. Why deny it. Our phone has become one more appendix, in a very personal tool because there we keep photos, videos, messages … And in the case of a work phone, there will also be sensitive information.

Nobody likes to share their phone unless there is no other choice. And when we do, we try to keep an eye out if the person in question does not look at our photo reel or WhatsApp messages. We are curious but also jealous of our privacy.


To help us solve this problem we have solutions such as LimaxLock, a free app with additional payment features used to put our Android in kiosk mode, or what is the same, control applications available to open.

Will you leave me the phone? All right. What do you need? Well here you have it, with these apps. The rest are out, inaccessible. Subject resolved.

The purpose of LimaxLock is controlling what we can or cannot do with our Android phone. Its main area is the professional, but for personal use we can also make juice, Customizing the list of available applications and widgets, protecting sensitive apps with password, launching applications automatically, monitoring the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, GPS and other phone functions …

Basic configuration of LimaxLock

Let's see how to start LimaxLock on our Android phone or tablet to limit the use of certain applications. After installing it, we must register by clicking on Sign Up Free. We will indicate our email, a password, the phone number of the device to be controlled and ready. Then we must verify the email address by clicking on the link we will receive.

We already have LimaxLock ready to go. In our case, all we need is to configure the app as Launcher or main Launcher, that is, the menu that we will see when starting the device and where we will see the apps that we will allow. To do this, click on LimaxLock As Default Launcher Set. Android will ask us about it and we will choose LimaxLock.

The second step is to decide which applications we will allow in the LimaxLock launcher. To do this, click on Enable Usage Access. We will see a list of applications. By clicking on each one we can activate the button that will show that app in the launcher. At any time we can change that list deactivating or activating applications.

How to block applications to avoid use on Android 3

Once we have configured that we can click on Enroll and enter our user data, email and password, which we have defined when registering in LimaxLock.

From now on, on our Android device we will see only those apps that we have enabled. Only with our LimaxLock user can we change that or disable the launcher to see all the options available on your Android.

If we want to go further, LimaxLock allows you to remotely control certain options of our Android or even change the list of apps available in the launcher from another Android device through the user account that we have configured in LimaxLock.

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