How to block notifications from YouTube on Android

by Kelvin
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YouTube It allows us hours and hours of fun and has millions of videos available of all themes, all areas, all types. It is one of the most used services worldwide and we usually have it always installed on our mobile to watch a video at any time. In fact, in most Android phones YouTube It already comes as a preinstalled application.


But if you have YouTube on your mobile you will know that sometimes notifications can be somewhat annoying and that you receive notifications in case of a new video that may interest you, of subscriptions, of mentions, of news about products or of anything else that the application considers to be of interest to you. You can block notifications in YouTube quickly and easily in just a few seconds.

You can choose to have some notifications that interest you and others that don't. For example, you want to be notified if there is a new video of any of the channels you are subscribed but you do not want to receive recommended videos or mentions of other people. Then, just block only some notifications.

Youtube Notifications

You can block only some notifications in YouTube for Android, as they pick up from Xatakandroid. Simply go to the application on your mobile and go to Settings> Notifications. Mark the switches of the notifications that you want to receive and deactivate all those that do not interest you. You can uncheck as many as you want and you can return whenever you need to that section to reactivate any.

Block all notifications

If you want to block all notifications from YouTube For Android in full, just do it from the settings of your mobile. You will have to go to Settings> Applications> YouTube > Notifications> Disable. Turn off the button of all notifications and they will not bother you again with warnings and recommendations. Another option is to go to the application on the desktop, keep it pressed and in Application Information go to Notifications> Allow notifications> Turn off.

If you want to receive notifications from YouTube at a specific time or you miss the video suggestions you just have to follow these steps again to activate them. You can activate and deactivate them as many times as you want as you need or not have notices. In addition, of course, you can continue using the application as usual without noticing any changes or problems in its use.


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