How to calculate percentages on a calculator with a percentage key

by Kelvin
How to calculate percentages on a calculator with a percentage key

The percentage key on the Calculator is not a new function. This helps us a lot when we want to quickly calculate percentages to know how much we receive, losses or the amount of interest that we have to pay someone. Without going too deep into mathematics, here we will learn a simple method to calculate percentages of some given numbers using an easy option, namely the Percentage key on the calculator.

In fact, when we think or hear the word calculator, the first thing that comes to mind is a pocket calculator with physical keys. However, real hardware calculators are now underused because they are prevalent. smartphones and calculators based on PC software.


So if you are looking for a calculator to find out the percentage calculation today, you rarely think of a real calculator that is kept in your pocket. Instead of mainly using rich interface programs with which we can not only make percentage calculations, but also scientific ones.

Steps to calculate percentages using a key

Here we use a Windows 10 software calculators that work exactly with real hardware Pocket calculator and even the steps given below to find out the percentage will be the same in both Scientist one.

Open it Windows 10 or 7 calculator program

The first step to find out the percentage is to access the Calculator. If you have Windows 10/8 / / 7 so you don't need to go anywhere where you already have a very good calculator with a key percentage function. Not only % works but can be used as The data Y Scientific calculator a plus Converter (Currency, volume, length, weight, mass, temperature and more …).

To access it Windows 10 or 7, click the Start button and type calculator.

Run the Standard Calculator program

In the previous steps when we write "The calculator"That will appear along with various options, click Standard The chose.

Run the Standard Calculator program Windows 10

Enter the initial value of whose percentage do you want to know?

Enter the value or number for which you want to calculate the percentage. For example, I want to search 25 percent of the amount 1200. So the first number that I will write in the Calculator will be 1200.

Enter the value of which you want to know the percentage of

Double the number of percentages by the initial value

Now click or press the button Duplicate key function and enter the percentage amount you want to calculate. For example, I want to find out 25% of 1,200. So I already have a type 1200 in the previous steps now I will press double button and then he will write 25 (percentage or value figures).In summary: 1200 x 25

Double the percentage by the initial value "width =" 412 "height =" 673

Press or click the percent key to calculate it

So, we have multiplied our two values, the initial value by the number percentage We want to find out. The equation is like1200 x 25 now press key percentage to show % the signal The key location may be different on your device but the signal It will remain the same.

So, the steps we have followed so far in an equation are: 1200 × 25%

Press or click the percent key to calculate it

Click on the same sign to get the results.

When we click Key percentage that The calculator It will automatically calculate the percentage of the number we want. Now just click on the same sign to get the results.

Our results are: 1200 × 25% = 300

For example, you can determine a percentage of your number, just replace the value given here with the one you want to calculate.

Another example– We want to discover 0.2% from fifty. Type 50 multiplied by 0.2 and press the = button.50 x 0.2% = 0.1

Finally the press percentage has been calculated

In this way, we can calculate the percentage of numbers using the% key. In addition, you can switch between scientific mode, developer variants, date calculations, and various conversion functions using the three-line icon or the hamburger at the top left Windows 10 calculator program.

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