How to change default web browser on Android, PC Windows and Mac

by Kelvin
How to change default web browser on Android, PC Windows and Mac

Whether on your smartphone or your computer, you surely have your favorite web browser. However, it is not necessarily configured as the default software in your operating system. Fortunately, the OS (almost) always offer a system to configure this, here’s how.

Change your default web browser

Here is how to change web browser on your Android smartphone, computer Windows or Mac.


Whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera, many web browsers are trying to become your favorite. Very often, choosing one on one medium also means adopting it on another to take advantage of continuity and reinforce the coveted feeling of an ecosystem.

Only problem, each operating system has its default web browser, Edge for Windows, Safari for Mac or Chrome and other browsers for Android depending on the smartphone manufacturer. To configure your favorite instead of one of them, follow the guide!

Change your default browser on Android

On Android, unless the smartphone manufacturer has integrated its own browser, Google Chrome will very often be set to the default browser. Hundreds of competitors are available on the Play Store and if you find the gem, it will be time to configure it in the settings.

In the smartphone settings, go to the menu Apps and notifications then in Default apps

The default applications menu allows you to manage them according to their usefulness. Whether for SMS, calls, the application launcher and above all: the Navigator. Choose this option and select your preferred browser from the list to set it as the new default browser!

The new default browser will now open all web links you need to open. If it has a synchronization system, also installing it on your computer can quickly become obvious.

Change your default web browser to Windows 10

Microsoft requires, Edge is the base browser of Windows 10, replacing Internet Explorer after years of loyal service. But the browser still suffers from enormous competition.

To replace Edge with another everything happens in the Settings Windowsaccessible from the start menu then in the menu Applications.

In the tab bar on the left, open the menu Default apps to configure all the software configured for different tasks and, of course, there is the Web browser. Click on the default option to open the list of different browsers available, select your favorite and you’re done.

Change web browser on Windows 10

Change browser on Windows is easy

The users Windows are used to changing their computer’s default web browser during the first setup. However, Mac owners are more likely to stay on Safari, but Apple still offers a way to change this.

Change your default web browser on your Mac

On macOS, the legendary Safari is installed as standard, logical for Apple since its browser is a cornerstone of its ecosystem.

But this does not mean that Chrome, Firefox or even Edge do not try to scratch a piece of the orchard of Cupertino. In this regard, the System Preferences macOS offers a way to choose your default web browser.

Open your Mac’s settings and go directly to the menu General.

On Mac, no menu dedicated to default applications, just a line in general settings is dedicated to Default web browser. Click on it and select the lucky winner from the proposed list.

Choosing the right web browser is important for getting the most out of your smartphone or computer. The synchronization between the two can be a system which it is difficult to do without as it is practical.

If you cannot make your choice, we have selected for you the best browsers for Android according to your needs!

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