How to change mac android from a mobile without rooting it?

by Kelvin
How to change mac android from a mobile without rooting it? 1

How to change mac android from a mobile without rooting it? 2

Most of the time people who want to replace their MAC address of an Android mobile should root it, since that is a quick way to do it. But if you are one of those who would not like to carry out this process, here we tell you a simpler change mac android Without the need for so much effort.

What is a MAC address?

It is a 48-bit identifier number, represented by hexadecimal digits, which is unique and fundamental for each device that remains connected to a network. None of these numbers are repeated, in each network card is different and these differentiations not only include smartphones, but also tablets, televisions, computers, among others.


Change mac android without rooting

How important is it?

This address is what allows to identify an Android device from another that are connected to the same modem or router. Through this address, we can add an IP to each of our Android devices connected to the same network in order to control the devices that connect to our network and prevent intruders. This is why it is important to know how change mac android without the need to root it and this will be explained below.

Steps to change mac android without rooting.

  1. Find the original MAC address (Settings> about the device> Status> MAC Address) and write it down if you want to reuse it.
  2. Download a Mac Charger WiFi application or similar, these applications are useful for any Android device.
  3. Disconnect from the network in which we are connected.
  4. We open the application and place the IP address we want to have, but if we want a specific one, we have to indicate Generate Random MAC to have a random address.
  5. When we finish defining the MAC, we click on “Apply new MAC” to finish the process

There is always the option to root your phone, but This is a simple way and without many complications when it comes to Change Mac Android, without the need to root it yourself and for more information watch this instructional video:

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