How to change the appearance of the Start menu of Windows

by Kelvin

It seemed that with Windows 10 the noble art of customize the look of Windows with skins, themes, backgrounds and other aesthetic changes that improve or alter the official design of each version of Windows.

For years we have seen all kinds of official and unofficial tools that allowed us to alter the design of Windows and make his appearance more suitable for us. Today we are going to talk about one of them, or more about an evolution whose purpose is go back to the origins of the appearance of Windows.


His name is Open-Shell-Menu or Open shell, and it is a variant or fork of the most popular Classic Shell, a program we talked about here years ago and that allows us to alter the design of Windows, its windows, its menus, the Start menu and other elements of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

How to change the appearance of the Start menu of Windows 4

As well. Classic Shell stopped updating in 2017, although its page is still available in case we want to download and customize it Windows. As free software projects are that, free, a group of developers has recovered Classic Shell and created a variant called Open Shell and whose purpose is also to alter Windows to give a closer touch to Windows 7 that to Windows 10, but specifically its Start menu.

This first version of Open-Shell-Menu It is designed to recover the classic theme in the Start menu of Windows, which affects both its appearance and the arrangement of the elements and the main icon. Among the peculiarities of Open Shell, unlike programs like that, the ease of use stands out. That is, once opened, we can apply the changes by pressing a button and / or return to the original design in the same way. In addition, we can reconfigure it right clicking in the Start menu of Windows and selecting Configuration.

How to change the appearance of the Start menu of Windows 5

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, same as Classic Shell, Open shell allows you to change the Start menu from three main options, including the classic theme of Windows, which came up with Windows 95 and that was improving until Windows 7. In addition, the subject itself can be altered with different skins or skins giving a touch more XP, more Windows 7 or even one that respects the classic theme but updating it in the style of Windows 10.

For the moment, Open-Shell-Menu It is under development, so you may miss functions that included Classic Shell. In any case, in this first phase, changing the Start menu of Windows It is more than satisfactory, eliminating advertising and other elements that distract more than help.

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