How to change the default password manager in iOS

by Kelvin
How to change the default password manager in iOS 1

If you have several devices that do not belong to the ecosystem of Apple, such as a mobile with Android or a PC with Windows surely you have a cross-platform password manager and that is why the native iOS manager is nothing suitable for you. The question is … can I change the default password manager in iOS to auto-complete the logins more comfortably? The answer is yes, and in this article we tell you all the steps you must follow to make this change.

Although we think that iOS can veto changes to using third-party applications to perform functions that the system itself can do natively, the truth is that little by little it is opening more to customization.


It's that easy to switch between password managers in iOS

If you want to change the default password manager, the steps you must follow are the following:

  • With your iPhone or iPad go to Settings> Passwords and accounts.


  • We will access the tab «Autofill passwords».


  • In this window we simply have to uncheck the option «ICloud keychain». You must keep in mind that several managers may have assets and when filling in a password the system will ask you which one you want to use from everyone.


As we say, every time you have to log in to a web page through Safari or another browser, the password manager that you have selected in this option will be used. Although, when you are in a registration form it will remain the iCloud keychain itself that recommends strong passwords.

1Password It is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to your password manager in iOS as it is compatible with any device regardless of the operating system. But if you only have devices within the ecosystem of Apple such as a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone because it is best to continue using the native password manager because it works perfectly well and integrates much better than others such as 1Password that is not native.

Leave us in the comments box if in your day to day you use the native iOS password manager or have opted for a different one.

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