"My Facebook has been put in English "," because the Facebook I get in English ”, Facebook it gets groin alone ”… Although it may seem a rare problem, the truth is that for some time now this application Facebook as Facebook Messenger change the language to English automatically without the user's consent. Today the company has not revealed the cause of the error in the Android and iPhone application. Fortunately, we can change the language of Facebook and Messenger to Spanish in a simple way and in just a few seconds.


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How to change the language of Facebook on my mobile

Let's have an Android smartphone or iPhone, the process to change the language in Facebook It is very simple.

How to change the language of Facebook and Messenger to Spanish on mobile 1

With the application of Facebook Open mobile, we will go to our profile in the sandwich menu shown in the upper right corner. Once inside, we will slide the options down and click on the Configuration section. Followed we will give Language and finally we will select Spanish as the main language.

For the changes to be applied correctly, we will close the application of Facebook through the Multitasking menu. Now yes, the language of Facebook I should have changed to Spanish if I had selected that option.

How to change the language of Facebook Messenger on mobile

The process to change the language in Messenger is exactly the same as in the application of Facebook, since the messaging application does not have its own Settings section.

If we do not have installed Facebook and the Messenger application is displayed in English, we will have to install the application in question in a mandatory way on the mobile to proceed to change the language through the method just explained.

I have already configured everything and Facebook still showing in english

It may be the case that Facebook Y Facebook Messenger continue to show English as the main language in the application even after having made the respective settings. The process to follow in this case is as simple as use the Applications section in the Settings application of Android.

change language facebook messenger spanish english 0

Once inside, we will look for the applications of Facebook affected and we will access them separately. Next, click on Force arrest and then on Storage. Finally we will give it to Empty cache or Clear cache and Clear storage or Clear data.

If after restarting the applications the language continues to stagnate in English, then we will have to redo the process explained in the first case.

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