How to change the SIM PIN code on Android

by Kelvin
Cómo cambiar el código PIN de la SIM en Android

It has happened to all of us. We have been countless years with the same SIM card, We have already cut it several times to adapt the trays of the new smartphones, until the time comes when he decides not to work anymore. "Enough has lasted," we thought at the time, but the journey begins to get an immediate duplicate card and the subsequent PIN number.

Yes, most people in the world maintain the same security code they had with their first mobile. This is where the real problem arises, since the first few times you have to enter a new code that we don't have memorized. At present, we do not usually turn off or restart the mobile much, so it is normal that when entering the code again we do not remember the new “number”. Therefore, the best is change the PIN from the beginning, and from ProAndroid we are going to tell you how to do it, do not miss it!


So you can change the PIN code: step by step

It seems simple, but changing the PIN can become a very complicated task for some users who do not usually touch the settings much. Below we show you each and every one of the steps to carry out this process and Keep your life number by unlocking the SIM card.

  1. Access the “Security and privacy” section in the Mobile Settings
  2. Go down to the last point with the name of “Additional settings”
  3. Access the section “Encryption and credentials”
  4. Click on the option “Configure SIM Lock”> Change SIM card PIN
  5. Enter the new card PIN
  6. Enter the new PIN (the one of a lifetime) and repeat the step to confirm

How to change the SIM PIN code on Android 4 How to change the SIM PIN code on Android 5

From this moment on, the new SIM card will have the usual PIN code to avoid unnecessary blockages. In this case, we have carried out the process in a HONOR 20, so the nomenclature belongs to the EMUI / Magic UI customization layer. In this section, it may be that each mobile includes some sections that could be called differently. For example, in Samsung it is called "Biometric data and security"> "Other security settings" and in LG as "Lock screen and security".

The other method to change the SIM PIN

How to change the SIM PIN code on Android 6

In technology there is always a second way to change things. On this occasion we find a generic process that can be used on any device regardless of brand.

  • Open the Phone application of your mobile and deploy the keyboard
  • Enter the following sequence of numbers: ** 04 * (old PIN)* (New PIN)* (New PIN)#

It should be noted that in the parentheses it is where we must integrate the PIN of the new SIM card first and then the PIN of a lifetime in the following two occasions. That is, if I want to enter PIN 1234 and the new SIM PIN is 3333, I should use the following code: ** 04 * 3333 * 1234 * 1234 #. At this time the PIN would be restored by simply pressing the call button.

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