How to check and delete all Google search history from any device? Step by step guide

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Nowadays many people believe that their data is not known to anyoneThey think this because they do not have a bank account or because they are not registered in some government institutions or simply because they are not a public person.

Unfortunately, for them we have bad news, you can access information that they didn't even know. We can know your preferences regarding music, where you were, people with whom you exchange information, among other data.

The question that would correspond at the moment is how they know all those things about us, immediately comes a simple answer “With Google My Activity”. In this post we will show you everything you need to know to keep your data protected.

What is Google My Activity and what is this tool for my Android?

We can say that through Gmail, Drive, Google Maps, Chrome and other tools that belong to the giant computer search engine, Google knows everything about you, much more than you can imagine.

My Activity is a tool that is launched in 2016 and shows all the activity we do on our mobile phones or computers, and consists of showing us, through a chronological way, the accumulation of data about us, which is installed and collected every time we use one of the services that Google has and we mentioned at the beginning.


In principle, it is the user who has to activate the service, but in reality what he is doing is simply approving that the search engine stores its data and that it is subsequently visible, initially only for each one, privately.

As a result of all this, when we surf the Internet we see virtually segmented ads for us, for our personal tastes or desires or curiosities that we have searched on the web.

Based on all this Google offers the possibility for the user to choose what data can be saved from each of us and what data cannot, for this we must erase the data we leave in our activities.

Why is it good to regularly delete your search record in Google?

Delete the files of the activities we had on the Internet It is advisable since this way the amount of our data will be less and therefore they will not go hand in hand with commercial suppliers.

Another point in favor is that when we delete the activities in My Activity we can expand other searches and meet new products, another kind of music or singers, and avoid having biased any information we seek in the geographical area where we live, for example.

In other words, when we proceed to delete these chronological files, we save time and expand our search criteria almost immediately..

What are the differences between search history and browsing history?

Search history, unless we use the «Incognito mode», is the listing or registration of the pages we have visited with our mobile or desktop computer.

While a browsing history is not only the list of those web pages we have visited but also adds data associated with those visits, for example, the title of the page we have seen, the time we have stayed on that page, where we clicked or expanded the information, etc.

It is here where it occurs, thanks to the programming that browsers have, to be able to return or back to pages previous without leaving the browser.

It is also generated thanks to this browsing history, which when search engine searches appear in the name or URL of the pages the purple color indicating that we have already visited that site.

Many people get confused by saying that by deleting the search history they have already deleted and deleted all those files that show our preferences. From now on, you will keep in mind how Google knows more and more things about you.

What are the different application logs that are saved in My Activity and how to have control over this?

In Google My Activity, we told you before, all the data and activity you have done from your phone or computer are saved. In the "Privacy Policy" It establishes all the regulations for which the search engine can use our data.

Usually nobody reads these policies, so we will quickly summarize what are the different records of the applications that we have downloaded and that are saved in My Activity. We will show you how you should have control of each of these data.


If you often use Google Maps, everything you look for, signals as important, paths you have taken and other data that can be dumped in this tool will be saved in My Activity.

To protect ourselves from Google's knowledge of all the places we have visited, we read the privacy policy we have accepted and It tells us that only we can see these places. One way to hide our route is not to have our mobile GPS enabled.

How to check and delete all Google search history from any device? Step by step guide

Activity search engines and installed applications

We already told you that the search engine saves all our activities that we did chronologically in the applications of our cell phone and the browser that we normally use.

To be able to do not collect our data in the search engine we should always navigate in "private mode" or "incognito mode", in this way Google can not collect information about our activity.

The browser gives you the possibility of deleting your activity by a specific date or range of it, by types of pages, etc.

Videos in YouTube

Although it may seem a lie, Google My Activity also shows all the videos we have searched chronologically and also visited one or more times.

If you need this information not to appear, you must do so through the same platform, which provides clear history.

Connection of our devices

Google has the ability through the My Activity tool to store data that at first might seem irrelevant to us, for example, time we set our alarms, our calendars some of which we share, contacts, music, movies and any other information we have on our mobile.

When you enter this tool offered by Google you will be surprised by all your devices ordered perfectly with the connection time and the activity you performed on each of them.

How to check and delete all Google search history from any device? Step by step guide

Voice and audio

"UPDATED ✅ Do you want to delete Google search history to improve your online privacy? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and Find out how to do it ✅ EASY and FAST ✅"

In this case, Google informs you that every time you use the activation of the voice and audio function your data will be in charge on any device you access. In order to avoid this process we must deactivate that permission to Google.


Everything they want you to buy is based on the data that emerged from your behavior on the Internet and that was saved in Google My Activity. To avoid this we recommend that you navigate in «Incognito mode»

Other services

In our control panel we will find the number of contacts we have on our phones through Google Talk, you can also know the number of applications you downloaded in Google Play, you can even know the amount of email in the famous email Gmail.

In order to have a greater protection of each of these services or applications you will need to go to the part where all the applications are and verify the permission you have granted to each of them.

Steps to check and delete Google My Activity search history

Next, we want to show you how to check and delete the search history that Google My Activity has saved about your activity. For this we will divide our analysis into two parts, one oriented to the computer and the other directed to a smartphone.

From the computer

In order to erase all data on my computer We will perform the following steps:

  • We enter the computer with our Google account
  • We click on «Data and personalization» which is located in the upper left margin of our navigation panel
  • We choose «Activity and routes»
  • And then we will «My activity»
  • Here we will have to go to the upper right corner of the page and choose the option "Plus"
  • We search and click on «Delete activity by»
  • We choose the option «Delete by date»
  • And we will see a down arrow in which we have to choose "Forever"
  • To finish the process we press "Delete"

If what we want is to delete individual elements of our activity on the computer We will follow the following steps:

  • From our Google account we go to «Data and personalization»
  • We look for the option «Activity and routes»
  • And we click on «My activity»
  • At this time we will have to choose the element we want to delete for which there are two criteria to search for that information, one is by date search or some keyword and the second is choosing the option «Delete by topic or product»
  • Once we have chosen the criteria we are looking for, we click on "Plus"
  • We finish the steps by choosing "Delete"

From the smartphone

To erase all our activity from a mobile phone system With Android operating system we will perform the following steps:

  • We turn to the drawing of the wheel or gear, that is «Device Settings»
  • And we look for the option "Google"
  • And we choose "Google account"
  • We push «Data and personalization» which is at the top
  • We look for «Activity and routes» and press
  • Then we click on «My activity»
  • We choose the option "Plus"
  • Then press «Delete activity by»
  • We are currently looking for the part that says «Delete by date»
  • And we choose the down arrow and then press when it appears "Forever"
  • To finish the process we click on "Delete"

If what we want is to erase Some individual elements of our activity the steps are similar:

  • Let's go to the part that says «Device Settings «
  • We choose "Google"
  • And then we press "Google account"
  • Click on «Data and personalization» which is at the top
  • We look to press «Activity and routes»
  • Then we click on «My activity»
  • In this part two options are opened to eliminate the first one with the option of search or filters, and the second option is to squeeze the three vertical points, that is, "Plus"
  • We choose «Element view»
  • We look for the item we want to delete and click on "Delete"

How to check and delete all Google search history from any device? Step by step guide

Tips to maintain and protect your privacy in the digital age

After seeing in depth all that Google knows about us in this part of us we want to give you some tips so that your privacy is protected.

Read terms of use

Many times in our eagerness to do things with the little time we have we tighten boxes in which we have not properly understood what we are accepting.

In the conditions of use are all the authorizations that we grant to the Internet sites and also all the rights that they acquire at that time.

We recommend that you read every detail of the conditions of use They have different applications and computer tools.

Account settings

All the accounts we have, whether they are email or social networks, have a system to grant the permissions to the providers of these services so that they can show our identities.

So you don't have bad surprises in the future, you should verify what you are showing in each of your social networks or applications to the general public.

Cleaning in your computer accounts

If you take care of the order you should not have problems with your own data that could circulate on the Internet. With this we want to tell you that you must periodically clean and order each of the accounts you have both in social networks and in emails to avoid having open doors to migrate your information.

A simple way is to always have the operating system and the applications you use updated.

Password Update

Something that seems logical, but it is not. Many people do not change their "Password" due to the fictional comfort it presents.

The solution is to periodically change all the passwords you have on specific Internet sites or applications. We also recommend that you do not have a single password but several.

Session closure

Many people forget to close their sessions and leave them open, intruders can enter with those accounts and make real damage.

Unfortunately, there are websites where they offer the numbers and credit card codes of people who forgot to open their sessions. Never forget to close all your sessions, especially if you accessed the Internet from a public place.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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