How to check Vodafone invoices

by Kelvin

Although we trust the good faith of companies as Vodafone, for example, and let's be clear that every month we pay a more or less fixed amount, it never hurts check invoices and see if they correspond to reality.

In the case of the red operator, checking the invoices is very simple, and also We are going to teach you other methods so that you receive the invoices in other formats or through other means, always avoiding paper and physical format, which was fortunately outdated.


My Vodafone App

If you are a Vodafone customer, you must have this app on your mobile. Through the application You have access to invoices, rate changes, consumer inquiries, etc.

  1. Unlock your mobile and open the "My Vodafone" app.
  2. Sign up if you don't have open access.
  3. Open the side menu by pressing the 3 horizontal lines at the top right and click on "Invoices".
  4. Then click on "My Invoices".
  5. Now all the information about your invoices is displayed, from a graph that shows consumption, monthly payments, fees, billing period, etc.
  6. Focus your gaze on the bar chart and scroll to locate the month you want to check your Vodafone invoices.
  7. Once you locate the invoices you want to consult, scroll down and click on "Download PDF". As well you can share them by WhatsApp or email.

"My Vodafone" section

Image - How to check Vodafone invoices

On the Vodafone website you can access My Vodafone. This is fine in the case where the app is not available on the mobile.

To check your invoices in this section, you just have to access the official Vodafone website and register to access My Vodafone.

  1. Once inside the section, you will see the "My Invoices" tab.
  2. Click there and select the month you want to check the invoices.
  3. Check everything you want without hurry.
  4. If you click on the "Consumer Details" tab, you can expand the information in each section of the invoice.

Do you want your invoice to arrive via SMS or email?

If you do not want to have the My Vodafone app or be entering the "My Vodafone" section of the operator's website, then this is the option that interests you.

To get that, in the next billing periods, your invoices will arrive to you by SMS or by email, then you must enter one of the two options with which we have started the article.

We will choose the "My Vodafone" section on the operator's website, to avoid downloading applications.

Follow the same steps we have taken in the previous section, but in this case, instead of clicking on the "My Invoices" tab, click on "Options".

At this point in the process you have to choose if you want to receive the invoices in your email or by SMS. Neither option has an extra cost.

You cannot activate both, so you have to choose one or the other. We recommend SMS, since it is more likely that the email is lost among so many emails in the inbox or for whatever reason it is caught in the spam tray.

An SMS can be easily located just by entering the default SMS app. But it is a personal matter, so the final decision is left in your hands.

As you see, check invoices, and make other arrangements, it is relatively quick and easy if you are a customer of Vodafone. In addition, you have several options to perform the same actions, and this is something that is appreciated, since it adapts to the user's needs.