How to choose a notebook for study and work

by Kelvin
How to choose a notebook for study and work

The year 2021 started positively for several sectors of the industry, and the resumption of activities has made many people excited. In the area of ​​education, our challenge is to go back to school and new ways of using technology in school learning.

In recent months, students and teachers have had to adapt to classes at home, with this the computer and technology gained a prominence that they did not have before. A quality PC has become an essential item. And, even with the vaccination forecasts, it will be necessary to readaptation to new modalities of study, with the trend of going back to school in the hybrid mode. So, have you ever stopped to think about which computer to choose, reconciling the diverse demands of everyday life?

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When thinking about a computer for study, work and play, the first decision we need to make is choosing the format of this machine.

Desktops are great for those who already have an office setup assembled at home, as in addition to offering more comfort for the user, it is still possible to customize parts according to the demand of use. Portable computers, on the other hand, are the most suitable for those looking for a machine to work and study in the hybrid mode. Due to their mobility, they can be easily transported from home to work, school, college, or even from one room to another inside the house, taking with them all the important documents of students and collaborators.

The XPS 13, for example, Dell’s premium launch for the notebook market, has features that favor mobility. One of them is the long-lasting battery, which can reach up to 18 hours in the model with Full HD screen or 12 hours in the UHD model, being away from the sockets and using productivity applications such as Word and Excel. This is an impressive brand for the category.

In addition, it is important that the notebook for working and studying is also light. After all, nobody wants to be carrying something heavy. The Dell XPS 13 weighs a little more than 1 kilo (approximately 1.2 kilo in the model without touchscreen, and 1.27 kilo in the model with), in addition to very compact measurements, which is ideal to be carried in your backpack or purse without disturbing .

Characteristics of a good notebook for studying and working

For work, studies and fun, you need a notebook that is fast and with adequate performance for these functions, which can be demanding. Work tools and some games may require a greater capacity for the computer components to run, so it is ideal to choose a model that has a robust processor and RAM memory.

the combination of Windows 10 with SSD storage ensures the performance needed for high productivity and longer battery life. Microsoft’s operating system already powers most computers in the world, and solid state storage (SSD) is far superior to conventional hard drives in terms of speed. And, to make your life more creative, organized and safe through important applications such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint (in addition to 1TB of storage in the cloud), these always with all the updated functionalities such as Word editor and translator, Design ideas do powerpoint and much more, we recommend adding Microsoft 365 with your purchase. Furthermore, the XPS 13 has configurations that have 16 G of memory and 10th generation Intel Core processors, as having a powerful processor makes all the difference in the machine’s ability to run.

However, this is not all to ensure good performance in studies and work. For those who need to perform simultaneous tasks and don’t give up on productivity, Dell has several monitors and accessories that, combined with the notebook, increase the user’s performance, ensuring a complete study environment.

Differentials of a notebook for studying and working

Thinking specifically about a machine aimed at the profile of students who are returning to classes semi-attendance or at home office workers, it is necessary that the notebook for studies and work presents significant differentials and one of them is the Webcam. The increase in the number of video calls and streaming has made the computers camera have more and more importance. The Dell XPS 13 can once again serve as an example.

With its reduced size (only 2.25 mm), the new XPS 13 webcam is even better than in previous versions. Featuring 4 elements, the new lens uses more than a regular webcam to produce crisp video in all areas of the screen while the temporal noise reduction uses advanced anti-noise technology, greatly improving video quality, especially in low-light conditions. lighting. The lens is mounted by precise machines to ensure that all points of the image are in focus.

If you are looking for a notebook to study, work and play, Dell offers advisory service, interest-free installments, free shipping and several services that contribute to a better notebook experience. In addition to having a channel full of tips and useful information for users, the company is offering an exclusive discount for TecMundo readers.

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