How to choose the best gift for your villagers at Animal Crossing

by Kelvin
How to choose the best gift for your villagers at Animal Crossing

Getting a gift of clothing right for your villagers has never been easier than with Nook Plaza.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the popular game of Nintendo SwitchIt is being a phenomenon in part thanks to its simple dynamics, based on living a fictional reality on a peaceful island.

In addition to getting berries (game money) in exchange for picking fruit, catching fish, or hunting insects to pay mortgages, buy lots of things, and have the best of the islands, the game also offers internal dynamics based on your relationship with the villagers who live on your island. Depending on the relationship you have with them, they will give you gifts, better or worse depending on how you have behaved with them.


The basis of the relationship with the villagers is to talk to them whenever you play, to look for them around the island or to go directly to their houses, but if there is something that will undoubtedly improve the quality of your relationship with them, it is to give them gifts. The problem here is that not all gifts count the same in the game, but friendship works in a point-based system, which according to Polygon the lowest value is 0 and the highest is 255. So how do you get the best gifts for villagers to earn more points with them and receive better rewards? You can try randomly, but there are a couple of tips that you should follow to avoid hitting blinds.

For starters, in the case of furniture and household items, you should give them objects worth more than 10,000 berries so that they feel flattered and increase their degree of friendship with you. Never give them garbage, they do not accept it and also, that makes them lose friendship points with them.

The website shows you the clothes that the villagers like best.

In the case of clothing, if you want to save time and money and give them what they really like the most to earn more points the website Nook Plaza has a very useful tool It tells you what are the best outfits to give villagers based on each other’s style and color preferences. To use it you only need to enter the website and in the Villager Gift Finder option find the name of your villager. The page will show you their preferences so write them down and get them when they are available in the shop on your island to be able to give them to them.

There is no friendship meter, but you will know that you are gaining friendship points with your villagers because they will start sending you letters with gifts, they will come to see you at your house, they will give you a framed photo of themselves and of course they will give you more and better presents.

Now that you know how to make the best gifts for your villagers, we invite you to take a look at how to get hold of the missing items with Nookazon and our selection of tips and tricks to get the most out of the game.

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