How to clean a hard disk in MacOS and improve its performance? Step by step guide

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Although many people do not know, have files on the desktop of our Mac makes it work slower because you first have to load those documents and then load the system.

Just like this example we named above, there are many other circumstances in which our team operates slowly. We will focus on one of those situations, and that is when there are too many "Garbage files", "Documents" Y “Programs that we no longer use”.


All these circumstances take place in our computer and make them work in an inefficient way. It is for this reason that we have prepared the following post so you know how to clean your disk, do not miss any detail of what we will present.

Why is it important to clean our hard drive of unnecessary files?

We recommend cleaning your computer's hard drive for the following reasons:

To make space

Getting more space on our disk will not simply generate something mathematical, this has other much more remarkable advantages, the main and more logical they would be that we could add more information to our Mac.

Another point to keep in mind, and encourage us to obtain more storage, is the existence of programs that need to have a certain empty space in order to efficiently perform the work, usually occurs with files or backup software.

To improve performance

When we clean the unnecessary records of our Mac we improve the performance of RAM, that is, having more space because we clean the garbage, this memory has greater capacity and performance, with this we achieve that several applications can be opened at the same time.

Another analysis is, when the RAM is full, the performance of the equipment decreases considerably because the processor becomes slower, since it needs more time to find the data we are requesting.

To increase disk life

While all the components of Apple They are of excellent quality and their duration is very long in time, when we clean the unnecessary data we help the disk have a better life.

This is because the disk is only with the data we need only your effort is less when doing the job.

To avoid logical errors

The Mac operating system has virtually no errors So we should not point to this issue from the point of view of data storage.

When we talk about avoid logical errors we will refer to the mistakes that we We can commit, that is, if we had files that are unnecessary, our work would be complicated because we would lose time in finding the document we are looking for or we chose the data that had a similar name and were not correct.

This happens very often when we work with spreadsheets, where the only information that varies is the month from one file to another, being able to load the data of a month in a form of another date.

To facilitate access to information

This point is closely related to the previous one. because if we have all our folders in order in which the documents are well identified.

In addition, we are careful to eliminate everything that does not work, including temporary files. There will come a time when we would not have to have problems when accessing the information because we would know where each data is. We need to work with.

What documents can be considered garbage?

Among the documents that can be considered garbage we will name the following:

Temporary files

We will name those files that They are needed to expedite certain computer processes.

When we navigate in different Internet sites, or simply when we work with some software, these programs need to have certain data to be able to perform jobs in the best possible way.

For this they need to install files that once we log out, they are no longer used. Thus, when we delete temporary files our computer processes and our documents will not be in danger Because we don't need them anymore.

That is why we always recommend deleting temporary files.

Duplicate Documents

As we mentioned before when we have our folders or documents untidy, we run the risk of saving the same file or document twice.

This happens very often when we access Internet platforms where we download images or another multimedia file and forward it to another person.

If we do not have that application or that platform properly configured we will duplicate that multimedia file, because surely we will have it in a folder of images of that application and maybe we can find it in another one of sending by mail or another similar one.

Programs you don't use

Many people refuse to clean up programs they don't use, but it is the best recommendation we can make because by taking up space on our disk we are making many components make an effort to get the job done and the results will be seen in Mac performance.

Steps to get rid of junk files in your MacOS SSD

With everything we've been mentioning earlier in this post it was clear that we need to permanently clean our disk.

There are different methods to obtain good results in the elimination of unnecessary documents or files. For this we want to present three ways on how to get rid of garbage files on a solid state disk or SSD.

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Here are the step-by-step steps you should do:

With CleanMyMac

How to clean a hard drive in MacOS and improve its performance

The first thing we are going to need is to install CleanMyMac:

  • We open the folder of "Downloads"
  • We select the file «DMG»
  • We click on "Open"
  • We drag CleanMyMac X to the folder of "Applications"
  • Once we have completed this process, the software will open automatically and we click on "Start"
  • We select «System garbage»
  • We press "Analyze"
  • And finally we click on "Clean"

Download Cleanmymac MacOS

Deleting programs

To remove programs manually from our Mac we will perform the following steps:

  • We click on «Finder» of the Dock
  • We look for the sidebar of the Finder
  • We select "Applications"
  • If the application does not contain a uninstaller, we will have to drag the app to the "Paper bin" found at the end of the Dock
  • If the program contains a uninstaller we double click on “Uninstall (the application we choose)”
  • Next, we will follow the instructions that we will see on our screen

Keep in mind that those applications that are uninstalled remain in the trash.

  • If we want to permanently remove it from the program we will have to click on the "Paper bin"
  • We look for the file we want to delete
  • And select «Remove from trash»

Cleaning the download folder

If we want to clean the download folder on our Mac, we will proceed as follows:

  • We select the app of "Downloads" in the dock
  • We click on the file we want to delete
  • We right click and a menu will be displayed
  • We choose «Move to trash»

As we told you before the files that will be given in the bin and if you have not activated «Time Machine» and you haven't backed up your files lately We recommend that you generate a backup on an external storage device.

List of the best programs to clean your SSD on MacOS from Apple

Here are the best programs to efficiently clean your SSD on MacOs:


MacKeeper detects and permanently eliminates those files that have accumulated throughout the use of our computer. Clean files from cache and other junk files with very simple steps.

It also offers among its services a smart uninstaller which allows you to manually delete those files that were hidden on our Mac.

It protects our privacy efficiently because it has a very powerful antivirus.

Download MacKeeper MacOS


How to clean a hard drive in MacOS and improve its performance

This optimizer for MacOs has different versions, each of them provides a more complete service than another. It has been in the market for a long time and the opinion of the users guarantee the efficient service it provides.

A trial version can be downloaded and offers an analysis on its website without having installed.

Download Cleanmymac MacOS


This useful program ensures perfect operation of our equipment. It gives us the possibility to control in real time each of the files or data that enter our Mac, being able to decide whether or not to accept its installation.

Among its most outstanding functions we can name the antivirus that helps us not to install spyware.

Download Dr.Cleaner MacOS

CCleaner for Mac

This cleaning software presents two versions one free and the other paidAmong the common functions that both versions have, we can mention the attribute of permanently removing temporary folders, trash and any other junk file.

You can also analyze duplicate documents and block all cookies that remain on the Mac. In its Premium version we can add a personal configuration for this application.

Download CCleaner MacOS

App Cleaner

Considered by many to be one of the best cleaners for Mac computers, the download is completely free and its installation steps are very simple as well as the steps to work in the cleaning process.

It has a very efficient tool to delete junk files, we will simply have to click once and they will no longer be on our computer.

Download App Cleaner MacOS

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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