How to clean WhatsApp with these apps for Android

by Kelvin

When we collect tips and tricks to free up space on Android, one of the applications that usually appear on the list is usually WhatsApp, since we use it daily and is usually one of those responsible for we run out of space in the phone memory.

For a long time, each new update of WhatsApp tries to improve this theme including new options so that we can see how WhatsApp occupies memory how can we solve it manually.


However, we can also solve the memory usage by WhatsApp with the help of specific applications that tell us what WhatsApp content It takes up more space and how to get rid of it. Let's see three examples for Android.

WhatsApp cleaner

With a very graphic and clear interface, WhatsApp cleaner It tells us the space occupied by videos, photographs, audios and other WhatsApp content in the memory of your Android device.

How to clean WhatsApp with these apps for Android 5

From there, you can access each type of content and see what it is about previewing photos and videos. This will make it easier for you to find files that you didn't even remember and that you can calmly remove. It even shows you the duplicates.

If you don't want to delete the content, you can also move it to other folders or upload it to Google Drive, OneDrive or similar. On the other hand, it is possible set an automatic clean from time to time and define what content will be removed.

WCleaner for WA

Similar to the previous app but with a more classic and sober style, WCleaner for WA It will show us what WhatsApp memory occupies: photos, videos, audios, audio messages, backups …

How to clean WhatsApp with these apps for Android 6

Then we can scrutinize that content section by section and determine what can we do without or what videos or photos we want to save. And if we want to be drastic, we can always go to the button Erase everything.

For the rest, WCleaner for WA not only eliminates, it also facilitates the transfer of WhatsApp content to the SD card or another folder Inside the memory of your Android.

Cleaner for WhatsApp

Under the name of Cleaner for WhatsApp We found up to three different applications on Google Play. It is what you have to need an SEO name for your app to appear in searches.

How to clean WhatsApp with these apps for Android 7

Be that as it may, with Cleaner for WhatsApp we will see through colored rectangles what WhatsApp memory occupies. Photos, videos, audios? As with the previous apps, we can enter each category and review that content.

Especially focused on videos and photographs, it allows find the duplicates in order to optimize the space occupied by multimedia content.