How to clean your AirPods correctly without damage

by Kelvin

The AirPods may not be the best bluetooth headphones on the market in terms of sound quality, but they are certainly a very good accessory with which we will have a great experience of use. However, they require some maintenance care, such as keeping them clean. Therefore in this post we will show you how you can clean the AirPods correctly.

How to clean the AirPods

Cleaning the AirPods is not only a matter of hygiene but it will also help your lifespan be longer. In addition to cleaning the headphones themselves, it is also advisable to clean the charging case. You already have the first or second generation of these headphones, these tips will help you because they both have the same design.



Following with advice from her own Apple and based on user experiences, we have compiled this series of tips:

  • To clean the headphones it is important to use a cloth or cotton swab that are soft and do not release lint. Of course these should be dry and Under no circumstances use any type of liquid.
  • You can use a dry soft bristle brush to clean the grilles of the headphones and eliminate any residue that may be accumulated in them.
  • Something important to keep in mind is do not use sharp objects, as it could damage the product.
  • For clean the airpods case you can use a dry fiber cloth.
  • For him Lightning connector it is advisable to use a soft bristle brush That is totally clean and dry.

Accessories to clean the AirPods

We have previously commented that you can use a series of products to clean the AirPods. Below we recommend a series of products that you can buy at Amazon and which we guarantee that they are effective for a good cleaning of the AirPods and their charging case.


You can buy this pack of swabs for € 3.27 by clicking here

These sticks are described precisely to perform the cleaning functions of AirPods and connectors. Fully complies with its functionality due to its narrowness and that does not release any type of fluff We are not at risk of falling apart while using them, although we must keep them dry.


You can buy this pack of brushes for € 4.59 by clicking here

Yes, they are sold as a toothbrush but they can serve us perfectly for clean the AirPods grilles and the Lightning connector. Have soft bristlesYes, as advised. In addition, the fact of coming in a pack of four brushes at an economical price makes them a good cleaning accessory to count on.


You can buy this pack of microfiber cloths for € 7.99 by clicking here

There are many microfiber cloths and in different stores. We have been able to prove these and the truth is that They are of very good quality. They do not give off fluff and also if we keep them dry they will be worth us for a long time. In the pack there are five, so we can have cloths to clean other devices such as Mac screens.

You can leave us in the comments box your doubts about how to clean the AirPods.

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